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Michigan County Wind Turbine Ordinance?

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Ottowa County in the state of Michigan plans to design rules for regulating wind turbines around homes and businesses.  These visionary leaders are working on a model ordinance as an example for local municipalities to use.  The leaders see the need to regulate the placement of wind turbines around homes and businesses.

“No one seems to know what to do with wind turbines and everyone seems to want to treat all of them the same,” said Mark Knudsen, Ottawa County Planning and Grants director. In many areas of the county what people would like to install are roof-mounted turbines or other smaller units, which require a different type of ordinance.”

The leaders say that oil prices are going up.  Many taxpayers have inquired about putting up wind turbines to reduce their energy costs or to reduce their “carbon footprints.”

Recently they hosted a seminar on the use of wind energy and more than 400 people turned out. Although many thought it to be too expensive, more than 100 people have asked for more information as to how they can do this.

The cost of installing wind energy is still expensive, but developments are coming to reduce the price, putting small units within the financial reach of many residents. Leaders say they plan to host another seminar later in the year.

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