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Home Wind Turbine, Rooftop Residential Wind Turbines

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Home Wind Systems are a way to take control of your energy needs. Nationwide, homeowners are building and installing wind/solar hybrid systems. WindEnergy7 has complete kits of matching components starting at just $2990. We also sell larger turbines and towers up to whatever size project a customer needs. However, because our systems are designed to be so modular and expandable, we recommend that customers and dealers start out with a base kit. It’s easy and cheap to get started, and you can add on as you wish. As you can see in this picture, two or more systems can be easily coupled together. We sell a kit that is a three turbine kit, goes on a rooftop.

wind-energy wind turbine rooftop wind solar hybrid

Our best selling kit is the smaller rooftop mounted turbine that connects with a solar panel to give clean reliable power at 850 watts of Wind/Solar Hybrid power. The cycles of heavy wind season in winter, heavy solar season in summer go hand in hand with our hybrid wind/solar systems. Also, when solar is dead at night, wind is typically stronger at night. There’s a synergy of generation in these wind/solar hybrids that helps to make a system more consistent.

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We designed a heavy duty, high tech system that is attractively priced, that gives an even flow of energy year round. Many interested in home wind power are exploring homegrown junkyard turbines to build yourself. They will look like what they are when finished, junkyard turbines. They will not look like these kits above that we sell. For most people, a professionally designed, attractive, high tech kit is the way to to. It’s way simple to assemble and put up and is more attractive at the home. Small DIY Wind Turbine Generator Kits

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If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.

Michigan County Wind Turbine Ordinance?

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Ottowa County in the state of Michigan plans to design rules for regulating wind turbines around homes and businesses.  These visionary leaders are working on a model ordinance as an example for local municipalities to use.  The leaders see the need to regulate the placement of wind turbines around homes and businesses.

“No one seems to know what to do with wind turbines and everyone seems to want to treat all of them the same,” said Mark Knudsen, Ottawa County Planning and Grants director. In many areas of the county what people would like to install are roof-mounted turbines or other smaller units, which require a different type of ordinance.”

The leaders say that oil prices are going up.  Many taxpayers have inquired about putting up wind turbines to reduce their energy costs or to reduce their “carbon footprints.”

Recently they hosted a seminar on the use of wind energy and more than 400 people turned out. Although many thought it to be too expensive, more than 100 people have asked for more information as to how they can do this.

The cost of installing wind energy is still expensive, but developments are coming to reduce the price, putting small units within the financial reach of many residents. Leaders say they plan to host another seminar later in the year.

To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.