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Propane powered Hybrid-Plug-in Car in Ohio?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Not sure I know the difference in propane and natural gas? Propane is a by-product of the refining process of natural gas and crude oil. About 3% of a barrel of oil becomes propane. Propane boils at -44 degrees Fahrenheit; when it is vaporized, it becomes a gas again. Because it vaporizes at such a low temperature, it mixes easily with air. Therefore, it doesn’t require a high temperature (over 400 degrees Fahrenheit for gasoline) for it to atomize. This improves cold starts, emissions, and driveability. Propane is a stable fuel; it doesn’t go bad if you don’t use it!

Since propane has such a low carbon content, motor oil never gets dirty which increases engine life. The oil does still need to be changed, though not as often. Spark plug life is dramatically extended. Also, you cannot “flood” a propane engine. When a gasoline engine “floods,” raw fuel enters the cylinders, washing past the rings and into the oil, also wetting the plugs. Propane carburetion automatically compensates for altitude changes, saving carb re-jetting and computer re-learn.

Since propane is under pressure, there are no fuel pumps, no float bowl, or needle and seat. Another plus is the high octane rating of propane between 100 and 110. The propane system is sealed to the elements so that even complete submersion will not allow water into the fuel system.

Propane is available throughout the world. It is all the same fuel and the fittings are standardized. Your local propane dealer will usually cut you a break when buying motorfuel.

+ Will not go bad
+ Burns clean
+ Requires no maintenance
+ Is easy to install
+ Is very safe
+ Rates at 100-110 octane
+ Automatically compensates for altitude
+ Prolongs engine life
+ Is affordable
+ No loss of power with any of our kits (these are performance kits)
+ No wiring except the on/off solenoid.
+ Propane is not harmful to soil or water

But propane has always been used in industrial forklifts, farm and ranch vehicles for a long time. The propane auto can be switched from propane to gasoling and back, quickly, easily, most don’t know that…

Growing up we used to put conversion kits on our farm and ranch pickups, run on propane. It was really just a new carb and a tank and you could run the pickup on GAS OR PROPANE. Very coool. We should organize a project here in ohio to manufacture and market propane conversion kits for popular vehicles. You know, if they take that hybrid idea and run it on propane… That would be ideal. Small Wind Turbine Windmill at the house to plug-in your natural gas hybrid car, no need for this nasty ohio coal powered utilities…

On the ranches we always had a large propane tank for the house, but real large, because we filled up the trucks from there too. Propane power is great, that’s what got my attention about Pickens Plan, windmills and natural gas automobiles, man, I’m in!

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