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Home WindMill Generators Ice Snow

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

ONLY AVAILABLE FROM: WindEnergy7-Com WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Wind Turbine manufacturers, located in Ohio, have an opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home wind turbine dealer in their local community. WindEnergy7 has a dealer and installer network in more than 30 states all across the US. We invented the home wind turbine kit and specialize in complete systems with outstanding technical support and installer training. – These Products ONLY Available At WindEnergy7-Com – We invented the RoofMill™ rooftop home wind turbine kit and it’s only available from our company or one of our dealers. This video shows our home windmill generator kit in the ice and snow, heavy winter conditions. Like all other conditions, our sturdy all-weater systems hold up to any weather and just keep making green energy for your home. As shown in the home windmill generator video, these home windmill generator kits keep spinning in heavy snow and ice during winter. With the rising costs of today’s electricity, many homeowners are motivated by free electricity. With the current environmental situation, many home windmill generator buyers are motivated by the clean renewable energy, reducing pollution and carbon footprint. In todays economy, many are motivated to save money, living off their free electricity and these home windmill generator jobs are important. There are people selling and installing these new home windmill generator kits for all across the US. WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Windmill Generator manufacturer, located in Ohio, has a owner/dealer opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home windmill generator dealer. Home windmill generator jobs are created for local installation and sales in each community where the home windmill generator kits are adopted and sold. For more information, or to become a customer, dealer, or installer, go to the site at

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Texas Wind Energy Success in Culberson County

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Van Horn Texas Wind EnergyThe Delaware Mountain Wind Farm in Culberson County Texas is been in operation since going live in 1999. This site has wind turbines producing 30 MW of green renewable energy.

American National Wind Power is a subsidiary of National Wind Power. This wind farm is National Wind Power’s (NWP) first project in Texas and is located in Culberson County, northeast of the town of Van Horn in West Texas.

delaware mountain wind farm

The ranch on which it is built is used for raising cattle and deer and is also the site of the West Texas Wind Farm Power Project, described below. Given the right legislative environment, NWP plan to develop it to a full potential of 250MW.

LCRA Wind Farm in Culberson County Texas Wind Power

The power produced by the Delaware Mountain Wind Farm is purchased by the Lower Colorado River Authority (Austin, Texas) and Reliant Energy HL&P (Houston, Texas) for distribution to their customers.

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RoofMill™, is the invention of WindEnergy7 LLC founder, speaking in the video. This patent pending invention released last year has won the Think Green Design Award 2010, in a contest by Allied Electronics. RoofMill™ Advance Home Energy System, it’s a grid tied home wind turbine generator together with rooftop solar panels in a complete “Whole House” system. It has emergency UPS for your home and can run your meter backwards selling unused power.

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Texas Windmill, Wind Energy in Texas, Texas First Wind Farm

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Located in the Delaware Mountains of West Texas, close to the Guadalupe Mountains National park, this successful wind farm is only a few miles from the highest peak in the Lone Star State. The farm is owned by the General Land Office & Lower Colorado River Authority. It is a 35 MW producing successful venture located in Culberson County, Texas. This farm has been cranking out power since go-live in 1995.wind farm texas

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) teamed with the General Land Office GLO) and private industry to develop this commercial wind power plant, the first in Texas. The Texas Wind Power Project, located in Culberson County in West Texas, has 112 Kenetech 33M-VS wind turbines capable of generating 35 megawatts of electricity — enough to power 12,000 to 15,000 homes. Since the ribbon-cutting for the Texas Wind Power Project in 1995, the Texas’ Permanent School Fund earned more than $750.000 from it. The project is expected to earn more than $3 million for the PSF and create $300 million in increased economic activity over the 25-year lease period.

Well, I might as well let people know.  This Texas’ Permanent School Fund sounds great, but fact is, the CCISD, Culberson County Independant School District is very poor and having a hard time.  I can’t see what benefit that this wind farm has brought the local community of Van Horn, the county seat.  Aside from a guy or two that now have jobs watching the wind farm and maintaining, the schhol district is still very poor and not benefiting from the wind farm in any visible way.  The power in fact is transmitted all the way to Austin on some of the county’s wind farms.

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Propane powered Hybrid-Plug-in Car in Ohio?

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Not sure I know the difference in propane and natural gas? Propane is a by-product of the refining process of natural gas and crude oil. About 3% of a barrel of oil becomes propane. Propane boils at -44 degrees Fahrenheit; when it is vaporized, it becomes a gas again. Because it vaporizes at such a low temperature, it mixes easily with air. Therefore, it doesn’t require a high temperature (over 400 degrees Fahrenheit for gasoline) for it to atomize. This improves cold starts, emissions, and driveability. Propane is a stable fuel; it doesn’t go bad if you don’t use it!

Since propane has such a low carbon content, motor oil never gets dirty which increases engine life. The oil does still need to be changed, though not as often. Spark plug life is dramatically extended. Also, you cannot “flood” a propane engine. When a gasoline engine “floods,” raw fuel enters the cylinders, washing past the rings and into the oil, also wetting the plugs. Propane carburetion automatically compensates for altitude changes, saving carb re-jetting and computer re-learn.

Since propane is under pressure, there are no fuel pumps, no float bowl, or needle and seat. Another plus is the high octane rating of propane between 100 and 110. The propane system is sealed to the elements so that even complete submersion will not allow water into the fuel system.

Propane is available throughout the world. It is all the same fuel and the fittings are standardized. Your local propane dealer will usually cut you a break when buying motorfuel.

+ Will not go bad
+ Burns clean
+ Requires no maintenance
+ Is easy to install
+ Is very safe
+ Rates at 100-110 octane
+ Automatically compensates for altitude
+ Prolongs engine life
+ Is affordable
+ No loss of power with any of our kits (these are performance kits)
+ No wiring except the on/off solenoid.
+ Propane is not harmful to soil or water

But propane has always been used in industrial forklifts, farm and ranch vehicles for a long time. The propane auto can be switched from propane to gasoling and back, quickly, easily, most don’t know that…

Growing up we used to put conversion kits on our farm and ranch pickups, run on propane. It was really just a new carb and a tank and you could run the pickup on GAS OR PROPANE. Very coool. We should organize a project here in ohio to manufacture and market propane conversion kits for popular vehicles. You know, if they take that hybrid idea and run it on propane… That would be ideal. Small Wind Turbine Windmill at the house to plug-in your natural gas hybrid car, no need for this nasty ohio coal powered utilities…

On the ranches we always had a large propane tank for the house, but real large, because we filled up the trucks from there too. Propane power is great, that’s what got my attention about Pickens Plan, windmills and natural gas automobiles, man, I’m in!

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School District Makes Profits from Wind Power

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Beginning in the year 2007, when both turbines are paid for, the Spirit Lake Community Schools district will have about $120,000 tax free income from the clean, renewable northwest Iowa wind to use to improve education for the children of the Spirit Lake Community School District.wind energy school district
The visionary leaders at Spirit Lake Community Schools began studying the use of wind as a renewable source of energy for the district in September of 1991. Early in the study a partnership was formed with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
In the following year, data was collected to:
>- Measure the wind speed on the proposed site
>- Analyze the districts electrical costs
>- Get acquainted with wind turbine manufacturing
>- Understand both federal and state rules and regulations
>- Study existing wind turbine sites
The study revealed a strong indication of total investment return in 8.5 years.

Once the vision was established, Spirit Lake Community Schools applied for a grant from the Department of Energy for three turbines; one each for the elementary, middle and high school. The high school was rejected because of the cost of the conversion necessary to switch from a different electrical phase. The middle school was rejected because the DOE does not fund new buildings. In December 1992, the elementary school received a grant for $119,000 for one turbine to supply electrical energy.

Specifications for the wind turbine were prepared and three bids were received in the spring of 1993. The successful bidder was Minnesota Wind Power of Marshall, Minnesota with a bid to provide and install one wind generator at a cost of $239,500.

To offset the additional cost not covered by the DOE grant, the project was funded by a low interest loan through the Energy Council of the Department of Natural Resources.
Payoff Comes Swiftly

On July 22, 1993, the wind turbine on the lawn of the Spirit Lake Elementary School began producing electricity. Ninety months later, the school’s turbine had produced 1,570,000 kilowatt hours of electricity which would have cost the district $124,900. This is enough electricity for 264 average Spirit Lake homes for a year. In addition to providing all of the electricity for the 53,000 square foot elementary school, it also produced a reimbursement from the utility company of almost $25,000.

The final payment for the loan on turbine was made during 1998, 3.5 years ahead of schedule. Today the almost $25,000 savings go to the school’s instructional program.

How Wind Energy Works

The props turn whenever there is wind. It generates electricity after the generator turns at 1790 rpm, which requires a wind of around 7.5 mph at the 140 foot level.

The system is being monitored constantly in several ways. The primary method is by computer from the office of the district’s Director of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. Jim Tirevold. The computer monitors wind speed, electricity being produced in real time for the day, in addition to cumulative totals.

As of July 1, 2004, the turbine has generated on average 312,309 kWh of electricity annually. To generate an equivalent amount of electricity, it would take 549 barrels of oil or 156 tons of coal. It would take 285 trees to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by this oil or coal.

There is no storage capacity. During peak demand and /or low winds the district purchases electricity from Alliant Energy and during excess production, Alliant Energy purchases electricity from the school. The district utilizes net billing. Currently, if the district uses less than what is produced Alliant will purchase the excess energy for 6.02 cents. If the district uses more than produced, Alliant sells to us for 8.5 cents.

Farming the Wind

In addition to its excellent financial success, the school’s wind turbine has been used in school classes as an educational tool and it has made a significant contribution to the environment. The district has had over 400 visitors since that warm day in July of 1993 when the turbine began producing. A number of schools in the area and their students have shown particular interest in the project as they study the use of renewable sources of energy.

A Second Turbine is Added

Once it was established that the wind turbine had indeed been a great success and asset to the district, plans went quickly into effect for the second turbine. On October 29, 2001, the NEG Micon 750 KWH tubular tower turbine became operational and was well on its way to providing power for the entire school district.

The NEG Micon has an anticipated life span of 30 years. It stands 25 feet taller than the original turbine on a 165-foot base. The wingspan is almost double the size of the Windworld turbine at 157 feet in diameter compared to 87 feet. The size of the rotor diameter is approximately that of the wing space of a DC-10 jumbo jet, and it is designed to withstand hurricane type wind speeds of 131 mph. The new turbine will not only provide energy for all of the remaining school facilities and athletic fields, but also an additional educational resource for Spirit Lake students.

The district borrowed $780,00 to complete the installation of the turbine, and anticipates a 6 V2 year pay back period. The energy bills offset each year equal approximately $118,000, which can be used for other district programs after the 6 V2 year period is complete. The financing of the turbine included a $250,000 no-interest loan from the Iowa Energy Center and a $580,000 Iowa Department of Natural Energy loan from a commercial bank with interest at 5.1%.

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