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Home Wind Turbine Kit

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Building your home wind turbine is pretty simple and allot of fun. The kits from are made to be quick and easy with assembly taking about an hour. You can look at the finished home wind turbine kits here. Of course the turbine is only part of a real home energy system like you see in the video below. That’s why people buy systems from WindEnergy7 LLC, because we ONLY SELL COMPLETE SYSTEMS. We don’t sell parts and pieces, a home wind turbine kit from us is a complete system of matched components, engineered to work as planned. We back you up with technical support, training, and even help you become a Wind/Solar Dealer for your area if you like. See Movie Below, Home Wind Turbine Kit

Since the new law was passed for the 30% IRS tax credit, customers get 30% of their system paid for by the IRS. All our system are qualified for full 30% credit. We have been fielding calls and emails from all over the country.  This past year, we installed home wind/solar kits from Hawaii to New Jersey, Canada, and Europe. A home wind turbine kit is such a good investment.  You can read about the new home wind turbine tax incentives here.

We are starting a network of dealers and distributors right now and many people are getting in on this now, involvement is open to all interested.  I am however not talking dealershp details to anyone who isn’t a customer first.  If you buy a system, you can become a dealer with no further investment.  There’s a very simple agreement and structure, all win/win.  Based on geographic areas you can stake a claim now.

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On a higher level of dealer involvement, is looking to create ONLY A FEW distributor level dealers.  Again, first step is to buy and install a system, now you really in a position to show and help others do same. That’s about all the detail we can offer without being in the dealer group and under the NDA (non disclosure agreement).

Have a look at these windmaps at the link above and see can you pinpoint what number your area is in.  2 is OK and anything over 2 is very good. Let’s double check your wind resources are good. Check Your Wind Map Here

The hybrid rooftop wind turbine system in the video above is is around $16,000 for Grid-Tie system with battery back-up.  Single turbine systems start at around $6000.  That has every component with it (except batteries) which you buy locally, is a matched kit of components.  It’s really a handyman level install, many folks put it in themselves and many have an electrician finish it up for safety.  Pay by credit card secured, takes about 3 weeks to pack and ship, the home wind turbine kits go out UPS Ground with Free Shipping.

Our systems come with the whole Wind Turbine, Blades, Cone, Tail, Roofmount Kit, Pole, Charge Controllers, Solar Panels, Hardware, Inverter etc.  The whole Kit of matched components is a complete home energy system.  Did you see the blog post about the 30% federal tax break law, as soon as word got out on that new tax incentive just passed, This sites traffic went up dramatically in one day and sales are brisk ever since.  

If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.