Wind Power Kits

We invented Wind Power Kits. Our Rooftop Wind Kits are complete systems that have all matched and engineered components that are designed and proven as a complete system. )nly Available at WIND ENERGY 7 (dot) COM

This is not some unproven junkyard turbine project or a few parts that may not work with other parts.

To ensure customer’s are successful.. We sell ONLY complete systems of matched parts. These systems come with complete expert support. With out Wind Power Kits, you are trained and supported by experts who know all about the systems and how to solve your problems. The Wind Power Kits are for sale online here at the site. Customers can pay by credit card and we ship by UPS.

If you are interested in getting a system you may want to hurry. Tto take advantage of the 30% tax credit this year, you need to buy your wind power kit and install hardware this month, you can get 30% of that back on your taxes. Our wind turbine rooftop hybrid kits start at $4890 for an off grid. To see and buy our Wind Power Kits. Our whole house systems go all the way up to $17,190 for a 4.2kW whole house grid tied system.

Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the contact form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open for new dealers but county territories and entire states are being established now, a few states completely established. So, if you are interested in becoming a dealer fill out the same form and we can see if your area may still be open.

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