Solar Energy Cons

Solar Panel Kits – Solar Energy Cons, Pros & Cons – The most serious Solar Energy Con is something that our solar kits do not have a problem with. The fact that solar can only make power by day, and when it’s overcast or stormy, a solar only home system won’t make much if any power. Well, what if it’s a storm? You may have your grid out, in a black-out and have no power. If it’s cloudy or overcast and you have no wind power to get you through… Well, your solar power is of little use. That’s why we promote hybrid power that uses wind and sun together. Our solar kits charge more reliably because we combine wind turbines with solar panels in a harmonious hybrid power system.

Our Solar Kits are complete solar kits. With a Solar Kit anyone can do a professional installation with our solar kits. We have a network of customers, dealers, and installers from Hawaii to Massachusetts. WindEnergy7 LLC will support your project as a self install, or a turn key install with assist on managing your solar project. We don’t just sell solar parts, we sell complete solar kit systems to people all over the world. Then we follow the solar system to its successful installation and customer training to be sure every solar kit system we sell is up and working as designed.

We are experts in Home and Business sized solar energy systems. We specialize in Hybrid Energy systems combining wind and solar together. We have proven that this is the best solution in almost every installation. Our complete solar panel kits make installation very easy for a self install or installation by your local electrician of remodeling contractor. Our kits come with everything you need to get a professional system running and we use only the best engineered solutions to last the length of a mortgage and beyond. There’s nothing cheap about anything we do at WindEnergy7.

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