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Solar Home

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Solar Homes and Solar for Home hardware systems, controllers, supplies. Inventor of the RoofMill™ solar for home wind turbine kit, solar for homes are our main expertise. WindEnergy7 has more options for solar for homes because of our many innovations with inventions and patents making small wind power and solar for home systems possible. We are not an importer, we are a manufacturer featuring durable american steel manufactured in Ohio USA. With an installed base from California to New Jersey, Europe, and canada, our all weather systems are ready for your environment.

RoofMill™ solar for home is the popular choice for homes and businesses in the United States due to outstanding reliability, efficiency, and ease of deployment. In an urban environment, the RoofMill™ is out of the way and leverages it’s easy installation as a way to get through permitting. Our RoofMill is not a construction project, requires NO CONCRETE, walls, trenches, cranes, thus is the popular choice for urban or residential wind and solar installation. Our patented design makes it possible to deploy wind power in an easy effective way for anyone.
TowerMill™ is our tower based solar for home product. TowerMill™ is a good choice for farm, ranch, or residences with an acre or more. Our HO TowerMill product has a low wind startup speed that is the envy of competitors. TowerMill™ features all the great advancements from our RoofMill™ line and also offers larger output capability.

Our products feature redundancy with less single points of failure and complete energy security. By being Grid-Tie and Off-Grid capable, our systems a ALL feature 4 sources of redundant power available, wind, solar, battery bank, and grid power. Customers deploying our multi-turbine systems, and mini wind farms, have ultimate energy security for their business or residence.
Our 2 moving part systems feature the elegant design that will last. Where competitors have many, many parts prone to failure, our systems feature ElectroBrake™ speed limitation method and tried and true HardTail™ directional technology. Contact us today to find out how we can provide a world-class system for your specific needs. We specialize in complete system design and installation, and don’t sell you a loose bunch of stuff WindEnergy7 LLC is your single source for harvesting energy from wind and solar.

To see more videos of our home wind turbines, go to — WindEnergy7.Com — and you can find info about becoming an owner, installer, or dealer of our rooftop wind turbine systems. There are still areas open for new dealers to become the local source for wind/solar systems. So, if you are interested in becoming a home wind turbine dealer fill out the Contact Form at — — and we can see if your area may still be open for you to become the home wind turbine dealer for your surrounding county territory. You can buy a system online and we ship by UPS. You may become a dealer and or installer if you like, just fill out the Contact Form and let us know what we can do to help you.

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Solar Power in Texas, Solar Ponds

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

A solar pond is large-scale solar thermal energy collector with integral heat storage for supplying thermal energy. A solar pond can be used for various applications, such as process heating, water desalination, refrigeration, drying and Solar power generation.

A solar pond is simply a pool of water which collects and stores solar energy. It contains layers of salt solutions with increasing concentration (and therefore density) to a certain depth, below which the solution has a uniform high salt concentration.  This is a picture of a solar energy pond at El Paso Texas.el paso solar energy pond

When solar radiation (sunlight) is absorbed, the density gradient prevents heat in the lower layers from moving upwards by convection and leaving the pond. This means that the temperature at the bottom of the pond will rise to over 90 °C while the temperature at the top of the pond is usually around 30 °C. The heat trapped in the salty bottom layer can be used for many different purposes, such as the heating of buildings or industrial hot water or to drive a turbine for generating electricity.

The largest operating solar pond for electricity generation was the Bet Ha Areva pond built in Israel (now the Palestinian West Bank) and operated up until 1988. It had an area of 210,000 m and gave an electrical output of 5 MW.

Today in Israel they have a 150-KW Solar Pond.  Collectors and Storage tanks are not used in this system. The pond is filled with a dense saline solution. The density of the saline solution on the bottom of the pond resists the convection process which would cause mixing. The result is a very hot layer of water on the bottom which is pumped through a heat exchanger. This was developed by Ormat Turbines.

The small power-generating station located at the southern end of the Dead Sea.  These inexpensive, naturally occurring phenomena are the secret to a safe and reliable energy production.  An Israeli manufacturer of Rankine cycle turbines called Ormat Turbines, have developed a great system which uses heat which gathers and stores in a pool of salt water.  The system generates up to 150 kilowatts of electrical power.  The man made pond measuring 75,347 square feet and about 8 feet deep. – We have Texas solar projects completed. One thing about Texas solar is that it should always be installed as a hybrid system with wind turbines. Texas has outstanding wind resources. So, we can’t stress highly enough how important it is that you put a wind turbine with your Texas solar project.

ONLY FROM: WindEnergy7-Com WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Wind Turbine manufacturer, located in Ohio, has a owner/dealer opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home wind turbine dealer.

So if you are in Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, contact WindEnergy7 LLC to find your Texas solar installer. Our dealers there can either supply you a solar panel kit for DIY, or provide a turn-key installation for you. WindEnergy7 supplies, supports, and installs solar and wind energy systems all over Texas. is granting dealer territory by county map. So the opportunity to be exclusive dealer for your county and surrounding counties is most likely still available. This is a first come first serve opportunity and counties are going fast to new dealers. Again, first step is to buy and install a system. As a turbine owner you are now really in a position to show and help others do same. As a customer of you will be learning everything about home wind turbines and will become very comfortable with the technology. You will notice how interested friends and neighbors are, and how systems are so easy to sell. Once you have bought a system, all you have to invest to be a dealer is your time and effort.

These systems are only available from WindEnergy7-Com or one of their local dealers. For more information, or to become a customer, dealer, or installer, go to the site at and fill out their Contact form to find out about becoming a wind turbine customer, installer, or wind turbine dealer.

LED Light Bulb And Residential Wind/Solar Systems

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

We always recommend that homeowners plan for home energy conservation along with their green energy system installation.  Most homeowners want to install a wind/solar hybrid electric system to provide electricity and lighting for the residence. One of the best ways to do this is to start with the lighting of a residence and install efficient bulbs. Most of you are thinking of CFL (compact florescent). Not me, I have started using LED bulbs in my residence and those that are new Wind/Solar projects. Most of you have barely begun to hear about LED technology, LED is for (light emmitting diode) and it is the most efficient and low cost way to provide lighting, BY A MILE.

LED bulbs can quickly pay for themselves through energy savings, even though they cost more. Today’s LED bulbs below, use less than ONE THIRD of the energy of CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs and last up to 30,000 hours. Between the long life of the bulbs and the savings on electricity the LED is money well spent. Below I will show you the numbers and on this page you can review and purchase the different bulbs that we recommend.

By replacing the existing incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs, a homeowner can reserve this power for other uses. Even with the expense of buying new LEDs it’s substantially more cost-effective than staying with incandescent or compact florescent bulbs.

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If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.