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geocolumbus Meeting: Solar Concentrators in Ohio

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Thursday morning the Central Ohio Clean Energy Network is having a meeting and I hope I can make it.  The meeting is about Solar Concentrators and that being an economic opportunity for Ohio.  It’s being held at the Ohio Governors Residence which is at 358 N. Parkview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

A promising approach to reducing the cost of solar energy is solar concentrators.  Concentrators can either focus high intensity sunlight onto photovoltaic cells, minimizing the area of expensive materials required to generate electricity, or produce high grade thermal energy.  Ohio’s economy is well suited to provide the industrial competence required to deliver these solutions to the market.  Neil Sater, CEO of PhotoVolt, Strongsville, Ohio will provide an overview of where solar concentrator technologies fit into the market, the potential economic impact to the region, and what we can do to accelerated its promise. 

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