Wind Power Plant

ONLY FROM: WindEnergy7-Com WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Wind Turbine manufacturers, located in Ohio, have an opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home wind turbine dealer in their local community. WindEnergy7 has a dealer and installer network in more than 30 states all across the US.

These systems are ONLY available from WindEnergy7-Com or one of THEIR local dealers. For more information, or to become a customer, dealer, or installer, go to the site at and fill out their Contact form to find out about becoming a wind turbine customer, installer, or wind turbine dealer.

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24 Responses to “Wind Power Plant”

  1. jonathanspindler says:

    His PMA doesn’t have coils behind the magnets. they aren’t electromagnets. They are really powerful magnets. I’m pretty sure his magnets are mounted on metal plates, looks like they are machined, not too hard to make if you have the proper tools to do so! which i don’t ! bummer! I’m just starting to collect all my material together to start my project, waiting for the magnets from Ebay and then i can go get my rotor machined after i finalized the measurements.

  2. KnuckleDraggerCustom says:

    I have a ? I’m fabricating an alternator of a very smaller size for a custom project and cuz of the size, I need to make it a PMA for more volts at lower rpm. the ? I have is what are your stator coils and rotors made of (Metals / Materials) and does the rotor have coils under the magnets or is it just metal plates and magnets and what type of magnets? not looking to make the same design just need to know what they are made of so when I fabricate my alternator it will produce the volts I need.

  3. jeffmolly1 says:

    @00773nicolas yes you can

  4. jonathanspindler says:

    Jeff, just a quick few questions if i may!? I currently have a alternator that i plan on converting to a PMA. i plan on rewinding the stator with new wire, there are 36 slots in total and i’d like to wire it 3 phase, my questions are do i use a delta or wye configuration or something different? also what gauge wire do you suggest i use 18? 20? 22? smaller? now with 36 slots present in the core i do plan on using 12 magnets? am i on the right track with this setup? Your videos rock dude !!!

  5. jwookster says:

    @helloman1976 I’ve thought about the same thing. What would happen with a step down transformer?

  6. jeffmolly1 says:

    @joeygronau yes you can

  7. 00773nicolas says:

    can i use a 65-71 chevy gmc alternator for your pma proyect camaro corvet?

  8. jeffmolly1 says:

    @helloman1976 alot of grid tie inverters require high voltage.

  9. helloman1976 says:

    @jeffmolly1 Why would you want higher voltage versus higher amps? Isn’t it amps that you want? That’s what powers devices and charges batteries so I’m a little confused as to why you would change the coils. Ever consider using a step-up or step-down transformer? Thanks.

  10. jeffmolly1 says:

    @joeygronau the original stator has heavy wire for low voltage high amps.ours have finer wire for higher voltages at low speed.

  11. joeygronau says:

    I have a quick Question, what is the difference bewteen your coils and the coils that are already in the alternator?

  12. Ebdan88 says:

    I have just bout 6 of them for under a dollar each..But they were old, and rusty and Burned(well most of them) It really is Hard to take all the Wires out, because of the Glu they use….So Now i have to rewind my own, and i have decided to attach to stators together to have a bigger motor. I will go for 2 and not more, because my calculations tells me that 2 stators together would give me around 17 hourse power, and that is fine for my Project..:-)

  13. marlin187 says:

    @jeffmolly1 Hey mate.How can I get in touch with you more effectively than Youtube.I hava a few questions that are very important to me since My plans are to build a few of these to donate.Can you please help me on putting together a reliable system.I have no previous experience but I am a fast learner and have some basic knowledge.Thanks a lot for th evideo and advise.

  14. kricotas says:


  15. Crastro says:

    What is advantage of being able to regulate the voltage so tigthtly? Once you have it spun up to RPM, your system puts out so much even power?

  16. hjuft says:


  17. AlternatorGUY says:

    You can’t use alternator case from 1978 chevy camaro,8 cylinder,350 engine with air.
    gm delco10DN,10SI OR 12SI ALTERNATOR. It will be subject to water and dust, ice, and it is designed to turn at 1800 RPM to make power.

  18. laithnour says:

    i need a windmill for my bollox

  19. tslabjr7 says:

    thanks for your up load i sorta figured it out. i posted before i asked for my dad’s help. i just have one question. how does this thing get tied into a house? i don’t think ive seen a video about that yet. if you do have one can you tell me which one?

  20. tslabjr7 says:

    can you help me out? i am doing a school project and can not find any step by step directions on isntalling one of these things.

  21. duck4035 says:

    Hi nice set up thanks for the video.

  22. jeffmolly1 says:

    thats a nice setup.thats the way to build them.

  23. ArashiNage says:

    Cool setup man. I like the busbars you used. That would keep things organized if you added another turbine like you mentioned. My setup is pretty ghetto… wires everywhere :(

    Works though!

  24. plantboy2221 says:

    Oh ok, it was hard to tell in the video.

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