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Monday, September 2nd, 2013

http://WINDENERGY7.COM – A wind turbine converts kinetic energy from the wind into electricity for your home. WindEnergy7 is the is the fastest growing manufacturer of hybrid power solar wind turbines in the US. – Wind Turbines are our specialty, we invented the Wind Turbine Kit. wind turbines are the most productive way to power your home. If you are in a wind zone 2 or above we recommend a hybrid wind/solar wind turbine system for your home.

Wind turbines are wind turbines used for microgeneration. Rather than using large commercial wind turbines, such as those found in wind farms, wind turbines can be deployed easily by any homeowner. WindEnergy7 sells these wind turbines in kits and has two main types of wind turbine kits. RoofMill, is a wind turbine kit that mounts on the roof peak of any home or business. TowerMill is a higher capacity wind turbine kit that is mounted atop a 36 foot monopole tower.

These wind turbines are from 1000 to 5000 watts capacity. WindEnergy7 also developed the first hybrid wind/solar home energy kit. All RoofMill and TowerMill systems feature hybrid wind/solar design giving the WindEnergy7 systems an edge over any other wind turbine on the market.

Wind turbines for residential scale use are available, they are usually approximately 7 to 12 feet in diameter and produce electricity at a rate of 1000 to 5,000 watts at their tested wind speed. WindEnergy7 Wind Turbines have been designed to be very lightweight to be sensitive to minor wind shifts and a rapid response to wind gusts on the wind turbine. The smallk wind turbine kits from WindEnergy7 are quiet, durable, and reliable making them neighborhood friendly and effective on any home or business.

The only productive wind turbines are traditional horizontal axis wind turbines. Vertical axis wind turbines are a growing type of fad wind turbine in the small-wind market and are long proven ineffective. Makers of vertical axis wind turbines such as WePower, Urban Green Energy, Helix Wind, and Windspire Energy, have mostly failed to grow in the wind turbine market because of the poor design of vertical windmills.

Electromagnetic braking regulates the speed by dumping off excess energy. This way the wind turbine continues to produce electricity in high winds.

Wind Turbines from WindEnergy7 have direct drive generators, direct current output, lifetime bearings using a traditional reliable tail to point into the wind. Larger, more costly turbines generally have geared power trains, alternating current output and are actively pointed into the wind. Direct drive generators are also used on some large wind turbines.

The RoofMill is the only wind turbine proven safe, reliable, and quiet when installed on a roof. This is because of the patented design of their mount that eliminates vibration and is certified to stand up to 130 mph wind.

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