Small Wind Turbine Farm, Ranch

My main goals for Small Wind Turbines are de-centralization of electrical power. I want to help empower INDIVIDUALS to use Small Wind Turbines to produce their own power as a personal economic benefit. I have seen the longest running wind farm in Texas and how the local school district is STILL poor and the local economy got only a couple of jobs from it. In the mean time the energy company has reported 300 million dollars of ranch wind turbine energy project

On Earth Day 2010, I won a Green Design Contest with my patent pending system, RoofMill™. RoofMill™ small wind turbine is the popular choice for homes and businesses in the United States due to outstanding reliability, efficiency, and ease of deployment. In an urban environment, the RoofMill™ is out of the way and leverages it’s easy installation as a way to get through permitting. Our RoofMill is not a construction project, requires NO CONCRETE, walls, trenches, cranes, thus is the popular choice for urban or residential wind and solar installation. Our patented design makes it possible to deploy wind power in an easy effective way for anyone.

I am in projects of distribution and marketing, selling and manufacturing small grid-tie turbines, kits and systems from 5kw to 100kw but biggest demand is 10 and 20kw where a system can actually take a homeowner or farm to energy independance.

Residences, farms, rural individuals, school districts, co-ops, county governments, civic organizations, all can actually put up their own small wind turbines and produce electricty to the grid. This works on any scale, not just for giant power companies and billionaires. This is good for a group, good for a landowner, good for a homeowner. You scale it all down and most projects will pay themselves off in 7 to 10 years if you do it correctly.

I am more interested in that, decentralizing the control of electrical power to individuals. Small scaleable Wind Power changes the control and command of electric power. These giant turbines work on any scale, all the way down to one you can buy from me for the price of a car. Pays itself off in about the same time frame, then you have a small income, or a little extra juice for a plug-in hybrid auto, maybe replace your need for natural gas cooking and heating with your wind turbine electric power.

If you are interested in a small wind turbine, I recommend you start with this post about Net Metering. Follow the links and info there and then contact me with questions or purchase needs.  I’m glad to help and can supply all information and equipment you need to do this.  If you are interested in making YOURSELF energy independant for the price of an automobile, contact me at:

To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.

I will help you prove, plan, and execute your personal wind project or develop your wind energy plans.

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7 Responses to “Small Wind Turbine Farm, Ranch”

  1. keenecowboy says:

    I have a small farm located in Ohio. Where can i find information as to size and costs to look as possible install of wind turbine. I there funds available to do such a project. I am on fixed income and currently spend 150 dollars a month on electricty.

  2. turbines says:

    Hello, We are in a windzone 2 through most of Ohio. That’s not great but good enough. Are you on AEP as your electrical provider? What we start looking at is your kwH (kilowatt hours) in peak month, then what is your cost of kwH, in Hilliard Ohio, mine is $.011kwH, I’m using almost 2000kwk per month in peak.

    Email me and I’ll be glad to help you do the project and get you energy independant. I’ll email you my phone number. Thanks for joining the blog here.

  3. […] more negotiating with zoning, code enforcement and others. Most small wind turbines are put into farm-ranch lots of an acre or […]

  4. jd010100 says:

    I am in Louisiana, windzone 1 for some of the year and a bit blustery at other times. I live in a neighborhood in a small (19,000) city, where lot sizes are a bit larger than 1/4 acre. We are 6 blocks from the center of town and have a lot of tree cover. We have net metering here. My intention is to put in solar and small wind (if that is possible). I have been reading…..

  5. Azgardron says:

    We have a farm (200 acres)in central Texas and are trying to get into wind power production. We have wind in excess of 12+ mph daily and think that this would be a good way for us to get more independant, not to mention save a little money. What would you suggest as far as getting started?

  6. haroldevans says:

    Would like your email address. Have questions about installing wind turbine. Thank you Harold Evans

  7. turbines says:

    Hi Azgardron, Email me from the links at bottom of most posts here for comments. Also, my email is at the bottom of every page, in the footer. Best place to start is a Post About Understanding Net Metering:

    I’d like to assist you in whatever way I can and will help you get a system together for your situation. Anyway, my email is:

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