Residential Home Wind Turbine Cost

> sam, do you ever think prices will come down on this stuff. i would
 > like to go solar and wind but the prices are steep.


Sure, prices will come down. But these home wind/solar systems pay for themselves in 5 to 10 years, depending on wind/solar resources and your systems design. That’s a system that keeps making power for more than 30 years of life. That makes it a very, very sound investment and a good deal too. One of my goals it to lower costs through volume, but quality and value is first. These systems are the best price/performance ever made and easily pay for themselves, right now.

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Anyone doesn’t think so should spend more time doing math and comparing it to any other investment.  Of course it’s…

– Only good for people who use electricity.
– Only good for people who pay for electricity every month.
– Only good for people who own a home, acreage, or business.

That includes many, many prospective customers. Name me one, just one thing, that you could potentially sell those people that could give them 20 years of free electricity AND pay for itself. It’s at worst a 10 year return on investment (ROI), runs another 20 years, that’s 300% on the money invested. That’s if electricity costs never even go up, then it’s even better. AEP Ohio just announced 15% increase for each of next three years. Utility insiders and employees are reporting a coming run-up like we just had with oil.

How Sure An Investment Is This Home Wind Turbine?
It’s a s sure as the wind will blow, the utility company will send you a bill, and you will need electricity for your house.

So, eep an eye on my blog. I am beginning a series of articles to start educating my dealer and customer network. The articles start with first in series is, my favorite subject.  I start with The economics of price/cost and return on investment (ROI).

I think that most people really don’t see clearly how good this is as a personal and family economic investment. I see very clearly as I sit here all day doing these analysis of system ROI. It’s amazing. I wish I was rich. If I were, I would plow every single dime into wind generation < AT CURRENT COSTS >. No doubt.

The first article in the educational series should post tonight, maybe tomorrow at my blog. I’m going to systemtically lay out how to do wind system ROI FIRST. Then how to judge correct systems size/performance for a situation. Then start educating all about the systems, components, issues, technology. Some of that will be on the secured part of my site, for the dealers only. But allot of it will be for anyone, customers and whoever is interested.

If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please fill out our Contact Form. The system will automatically send you some additional info.

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