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You Become Wind Turbine Dealer, Wind/Solar Hybrid System Dealer. We are forming a customer/dealer & distributor network. Dealership details and wind turbine dealer agreements are only available to customers who have purchased a system and want to then become a home wind turbine dealer. If you buy a system, you can become a dealer with no further investment. There’s a very simple agreement and structure, all win/win.

You must be committed enough to buy a system and learn from us about our wind turbines from direct experience. We take much time and great effort to educate customers and dealers all about wind/solar hybrid technology. Making dealership details available to customers only helps us to separate those who just look at opportunities from people who will act. is granting dealer territory by county map. So the opportunity to be exclusive dealer for your county and surrounding counties is most likely still available. This is a first come first serve opportunity and counties are going fast to new dealers. Again, first step is to buy and install a system. As a turbine owner you are now really in a position to show and help others do same. As a customer of you will be learning everything about home wind turbines and will become very comfortable with the technology. You will notice how interested friends and neighbors are, and how systems are so easy to sell. Once you have bought a system, all you have to invest to be a dealer is your time and effort.

Email us for dealer inquiry, we can reply with current system pricing and availability. Fill out a contact form for any further questions.

If you are interested in starting a wind project for your residence or acreage, contact us. To Buy a Wind Turbine or Become a Dealer, Please go to WINDENERGY7.COM, then fill out our Contact Form.

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