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Oklahoma Energy, Needs Change In Leadership?

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

If you live in Oklahoma, your state allows Net Metering. But, I encourage you to contact your state representatives, governor, and Public Utility Officials to encourage changes and progress. Because if you compare your state’s policy and law to progressive model states like Colorado, you will see that your rights are stifled by “Big Utility Friendly” policy. Your state’s policy needs serious changes to be on par with a state like Colorado, where the policy favors consumers and taxpayers. Oklahoma taxpayers should be demanding changes.

Your state’s representatives, governor, and public utility commission officials are not in your corner with this “soft policy” on Net Metering. Instead they have the tables turned against green power for businesses and homeowners. Here’s a page with more info about what Net Metering is and what the issues are exactly.

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Oklahoma’s size limits on net metering are problematic, 100 kW or 25,000 kWh/year (whichever is less). Many larger residences and businesses require more power than this. States with ideal net metering policies allow for very large systems, if a business, local government, school district, or consumer wants to put in a large system, the governments policies should encourage, and allow this.

Oklahoma’s treatment of NEG (net excess generated) is also a problem compared to other states with good net metering policy. NEG is granted to utility monthly or credited to customer’s next bill. BUT, this (varies by utility) a standard policy needs to be set, a policy that forces Utilities to buy back at full retail rate, 1 to 1, same as they charge a consumer.

Utilities Involved are Investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives regulated by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. This means that there may be Utilities run by community co-op that are not required to support your rights to green energy.

In Oklahoma Net metering has been available in Oklahoma since 1988, under Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) Order 326195. The OCC’s rules require investor-owned utilities and electric cooperatives under the commission’s jurisdiction to file net-metering tariffs for customer-owned renewable-energy systems and combined-heat-and-power (CHP) facilities up to 100 kilowatts (kW) in capacity. Net metering is available to all customer classes. There is no limit on the amount of aggregate net-metered capacity.
A Utility company is not allowed to impose extra charges for customers signed up for net metering. They also cannot require new liability insurance as a condition for interconnection.

Oklahoma Utility companies not required to purchase net excess generation (NEG) from customers. However, a customer may request that the utility purchase NEG. In the utility agrees, then NEG will be purchased at the utility’s avoided-cost rate (which is usually lower than what the power actually costs a consumer.) Other states have policy that requires a FULL RETAIL buy back of your generated power, not Oklahoma, that needs to change. This is another way that big business Utilities and corrupt government officials hold back the progress of home wind power and solar for consumers.

See WindPowerForum Topic For More, Oklahoma Net Metering

Demand Change, Contact:
George Kiser
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Public Utility Division
2201 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405) 521-6878
Fax: (405) 522-3371

Office of Governor Brad Henry
State Capitol Building
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Telephone: (405) 521-2342
Fax: (405) 521-3353

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Wind/Solar Battleground, 8 STATES WITH NO NET METERING

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

There are actually 8 STATES WITH NO NET METERING AT ALL. To me, these should be the focus of effort… Sort of Net Metering Battleground States. See net metering map metering map of us

Curiously some of these states have great wind resources along that central US belt. But even the states without much wind resources are important to home and business solar generation systems.

If your state is red, you really should be engaged in this issue. This means you have NO right or support to have your own windmill or solar and do so WITH utility power connection as well. But look how many other citizens can do this, sorry, not in your state. It’s wrong, needs fixed.

Also worth noting, look at the states that have horizontal green lines. In these states the utility buys back excess at full retail price, 1 to 1 ratio. In many states like Ohio, they bay back at about 1/2 of what the homeowner or business retail cost, so it’s 2 to 1, causing return on investment in wind or solar to take longer, thus restricts and discourages small wind/solar generation being developed and adopted. That’s what we all want and should have, equality of support for alternative energy.

We all need to support and demand that our RIGHTS be expanded to be equal to other states. If you notice by the map, about 90% of us have less opportunity for home and business wind energy than other US citizens. WHY? Because politicians have not caught onto this as a point of how they can support alternative energy.

If any of you don’t understand Net-Metering, read my tutorial on net metering.

Please contact your State’s Utility Commission, State Representatives, Congressman, Senator, and send them this link with the map here. Ask them to support the standardization of these laws and policies to equalize everyone’s ability to have economically viable investment in home and business wind/solar systems.

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