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Small Wind Turbine High Winds

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Small Wind Turbine High Winds, in a major wind storm all across the midwest. At one point in the video the gusts were at 62mph and it was simply dangerous because of debris and such. We got the video anyway to show how durable and well made the systems are.

You can see they are perfectly balanced and steady, standing up to very brutal wind conditions. Our patented rooftop small wind turbine kits have hybrid wind/solar technology. We invented the only small wind turbine that’s safe and quiet for your home, certified to 130mph. WindEnergy7 LLC is an Ohio based manufacturer of small wind turbine kits that are sold online. We hold patents for our inventions, small wind turbine kits that make rooftop wind possible. We have a growing dealer network of individuals in the US who use our products and an installed base stretching from Hawaii to Massachusetts. Many customers have found it easy to become customer/dealers with our wind turbine training. CONTACT US

Our systems all qualify for the IRS 30% small wind tax credit which pays for 30% of your hardware and installation costs.

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