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Electric Solar Systems

Sunday, September 19th, 2010 – Want Electric Solar Systems? Installing Electric Solar Systems is what WindEnergy7 LLC is all about. Visit our site at WindEnergy7 com – Our specialty is Electric Solar Systems using hybrid energy of home wind turbines and emergency power back-up systems to power your home when the grid goes down.


The main thing different about our business is that we are NOT a parts seller. Most people who sell wind and solar are selling parts and pieces and not whole systems. Beware of that type of purchase where someone is selling you pieces of a system. It allows a vendor to avoid blame and not back your purchase. They are selling you parts for a reason.

The reason? Because that keeps them from having to be responsible for the failure of your system. Say you bought a Subaru car, Toyota motor, and Chevrolet transmission? Got the picture? A wind or solar system for your home is a very technical, high performance electrical system. Furthermore it’s on your home, where you live. Don’t play around with a mix-match “science project” on your home.

Since we have trained Home Wind Turbine customers, dealers, and installers from California to New Jersey, we get calls every day from people who bought parts and pieces. Their systems don’t work. They are money out and no results on their “science project”. It’s a shame. I cannot afford to help them get some mix-match chinese junk working. No telling what’s wrong and if the parts even worked when received.

Our customers are buying into complete solutions, not parts with a hope and a prayer. We ship customers a complete, engineered system that is fully supported, comes with training, support, installation. We are selling successful proven systems, not parts, or “science projects”. We are building long term relationships with every customer, not trying to sell a part on a hit & run “science project”

Other thing that I see every day. People calling us… Similar problem with much time and money wasted on a home made turbine. There are people on the internet selling plans and ideas, drawings, that are nothing more than hopes and prayers. Hopeful buyers spend lots of money building a “junkyard turbine” that looks like an eyesore. They perform even worse by wobbling and vibrating, producing hardly any power and unable to get permitted because they are unsafe, unproven, and frankly dangerous for injury or fire. The internet is flooded with spam sites selling plans, drawings, and junkyard turbine dreams. After some fun of playing with the stuff and learning how not to make a turbine, the customer is left with an eyesore that the neighbors complain about, city permitting won’t allow.

Quality comes at a cost, you will get what you pay for if you try to be cheap. Buy parts or plans on the internet and that’s all you will have is a bunch of stuff that is not sure to fly. I get calls and emails every day where people are trying to make an ill-conceived plan fly with a bunch of mix-match odds and ends. We sell complete working home wind solar systems ONLY, engineered end to end solutions With Full Support and Training.

Go To: WindEnergy7.Com and see plenty of video and pictures of our working systems in practice. We have an installed base from Coast to Coast in US, Canada, and Europe. Go to our website and fill out our Contact Form, we will send you information or call you back to help you with a home solar system.

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