What Kind of Inverter Comes With System?

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What Kind of Inverter Comes With System?

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>> Sam, what kind of inverters come with your systems? are you JUST selling the
>> customers the panels and wind-mills, and everything else is up to the customer/installer
>> to purchase and engineer to have installed? are there ANY other peripherals that
>> come with these systems for that pricing? do you have spec sheets on these systems?

Thatr depends on the system design and size. I only sell complete engineered systems so the buyer doesn't need to worry about which parts come with what. That includes all the drawings and engineering for permit and grid tie. All you supply is the local generic electric installation supplies, plus batteries since that is cheaper to buy local that ship around. You get locally the Wire, batteries if battery bank, breakers and sub panels for main and emergency sub panels tie in AC, unistruts, conduit, etc. All my installers are just electricians and need not know anything about green energy. I sell kits, completely engineered, configured, supported.

I would never leave it up to anyone else to engineer the inverters, controllers, and configuration of the systems. That is why so many other systems fail. Meaning I would have warranty problems galore like others do. One reason I don’t is not one of my turbines goes out there configured wrong. Not only that but all the settings, tuning, and so much more that will ensure yield and longevity of a system. I put many years of long days experience and hard lessons into every kit. I actually built my business on DIY installs which I try to avoid nowadays as much as possible, but that is the level of support and training I am used to. I do the site plans, line drawings, wiring diagrams, all that stuff.

Damn near 100%, well over 95% of every install I have ever performed was with a first time installer. Be that the customer himself, electrician, or handyman, you don’t have to worry about all the expertise, thats what I make my business of. I don’t sell parts, pieces, etc. I only sell systems that have my name on them, make every one run.
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