Why Using Batteries, Can't I Buy A System With No Batteries?

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Why Using Batteries, Can't I Buy A System With No Batteries?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:10 pm

>> Why Using Batteries, Can't I Buy A System With
>> No Batteries?


Good question, sure you could... but not from WindEnergy7. There are MANY good reasons why ALL our systems use a battery bank. Those three reasons make our systems more vluable and reliable than other systems. So, we don't sell systems without a battery bank. That would mean it wasn't a very complete "Alternative Energy System"

It's hilarious to me how a competitor sells to folks who have never had a system. "NO Batteries or Battery Bank!" Like that's a positive selling point.. Ha Ha. It's not, unless you spin it to people who have never had a system before. Sounds great if you don't think about it or know... that it's a downside... it's no selling point at all.

I have a customer/dealer who bought a big Wind Tuirbine system. He spent about $15,000 to put in a single turbine grid-tie system with no battery bank, and no solar. This system who I will not name here is the best selling, most competitive home wind product out there competing with WindEnergy7 products.

So, he's got this tower and windmill and first time he loses power from the grid... BAM. His whole property is black. Black-Out, no power at all across his home and farm. What he said to me about it was that he had thought he had an "Alternative Energy System" But he didn't. Without the grid power, it will not even run. That's what a straight grid tie with no battery does. You have spent allot of money but have

- No True Energy Security For Your Family
- No Emergency Back-Up Power System
- No Alternative Energy At All, Gid or Nothing
- No Hybrid/Solar Backup For Day with No Wind
- Floppy Mechanical Tails or, Rotation Motors That Break
- No Inventor\Manufacturer to Personally Help and Train You

That's not all. As wind/solar power can be quite irradic and variable, the battery bank serves a roll in conditioning the input of the power a bit. The power to be inverted and fed to the utility or home main panel is more steady and consistent because the battery bank steadies the flow and smoothese it out. A simple gust of wind can send a surge into the inverter, a battery bank smooths that out a bit making the whole system more reliable and helping it all last longer as well.

A battery bank allows your system to catch power at smaller voltages when there's a very light wind, or on a cloudy day, the battery bank is helping your system eak out a yield when there's less voltage to be had. Working in lower voltage also means that you are more safe to work with the system because you will not experience a shock at 24v, shocking hazard starts at about 30v. Working with lower voltages makes smaller systems more effective, etc. etc.

These are many, many reasons why any home wind or solar system SHOULD have a battery bank. That's why we won't even sell them without it. Why sell systems that are not complete, not the best way to go. It's important to remember that our systems all invented, designed, and installed on the founder's home. The system you buy is the best system that could be designed for our own use, then, we started selling to others. That same excellent full featured system from our roof to yours. We don't sell all kinds of stuff that we would not use ourself. When you call us, we know exactly what's going on, we have same stuff right here, use it every day. Since I won't use a system with no battery bank, I won't sell you one either. Because I know it's not the best way to go with a system.

I LOVE BATTERY BANKS! Ask me. And that's why when you see our systems in person, pictures, or videos, you can tell that we have it dialed in and well thought out. It's a major selling point of WindEnergy7 products. Full Energy Security, Emergency Power, Peace of Mind.

If a battery bank scares you. Or if a battery bank does not sound like a benefit to your home? Keep reading and listening my friends because they are great, and no problem at all. And when you lose power, you got the only lights on the block, and it cuts in so fast that your alarm clocks won't even reset. It's a great thing and a fine home improvement to have an online UPS. Just like your computers at work, except on a big scale for your home. if you don't think it's a benefit, keep reading, or ask me when you are in a pre-sale consultation. I have it in my own house.. love it.

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