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ONLY FROM: WindEnergy7-Com WindEnergy7 LLC, The Home Wind Turbine manufacturers, located in Ohio, have an opportunity for people to get a system and become the local home wind turbine dealer in their local community. WindEnergy7 has a dealer and installer network in more than 30 states all across the US.

We don’t sell parts and pieces, a home wind turbine kit from us is a complete system of matched components, engineered to work as planned. We back you up with technical support, training, and even help you become a Wind/Solar Dealer for your area if you like. See Movie Below, Home Wind Turbine Kit

Since the new law was passed for the 30% IRS tax credit, customers get 30% of their system paid for by the IRS. All our system are qualified for full 30% credit. We have been fielding calls and emails from all over the country. This past year, we installed home wind/solar kits from Hawaii to New Jersey, Canada, and Europe. A home wind turbine kit is such a good investment. You can read about the new home wind turbine tax incentives here.

These systems are only available from WindEnergy7-Com or one of their local dealers. For more information, or to become a customer, dealer, or installer, go to the site at WindEnergy7.com and fill out their Contact form to find out about becoming a wind turbine customer, installer, or wind turbine dealer.

Have a look at these windmaps at the link above and see can you pinpoint what number your area is in. 2 is OK and anything over 2 is very good. Let’s double check your wind resources are good. Check Your Wind Map Here

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14 Responses to “Home Wind Turbines”

  1. FrikFrak says:

    The train horn in the back ground, I thought you were cranking for a big diesel-electric, high balling, freight train about to come through the computer! Great products, keep up the good work!

  2. Wanker says:

    Too much power is used or lost if a regular factory car alternator rotor is used. It’s not practical to use a factory 200amp GM alternator for a wind generator. Those things are to charge at 1800 RPM, we want our turbines topping out at about 400. That way they last longer and vibrate less. These are quiet and balanced precision machines. The WindEnergy7 turbines are of the highest quality and manufactured specifically for this purpose

  3. BigBrain says:

    We sell home wind turbines and solar panels on our web site. We export all over the world and have systems in Europe, Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and USA.

  4. smithy says:

    Very informative, thank you. Your systems are the best anywhere, and the different high performance generators, that’s great. The roofMill is a great invention. Congratulations.

  5. Windy says:

    They can produce electricity at 6mph wind. They can produce up to 1400 watts for a single HO Wind Turbine kit on your roof. The TowerMill can make up to 4000 watts and sits on a tower out in the back yard.

  6. BingBong says:

    Missouri wind and solar is available, we have a few WindEnergy7 dealers in Missoiuri and from our web site we ship into Missouri by UPS and Yellow Freight all the time. A wind turbine for Missouri is no problem at all.

  7. YnotCARalternator says:

    Thanks for the info. I just wanted to state that a way to help cool the PMA is the small fins you see in the WindEnergy7 generator body area and helps remove heat. That has been tested on dropping the temp of the alternators and works well. That’s another reason a car alternator will never work well for wind power because it’s not got those fins to stay cool. This is also a sealed generator body and car alternators are open to water and dust, thus will not last long at all compared to a real professional wind generator like WindEnergy7 sells.

  8. PMAgenerators says:


  9. Mike says:

    very nice dude!

  10. FrankS says:

    Hi Jim, we sell them on our web site, Missouri wind and solar panels are easy to ship into Missouri with UPS and Yellow Freight.

  11. ForestNpants says:

    Without using a gas engine, we make all our home energy from wind and sun. I live completely off-grid with a system like this from WindEnergy7. Works great.

  12. BillJack says:

    This isn’t some wobbly home made DIY junk like an alternator case used from 1978 chevy camaro,8 cylinder,350 engine with air. gm delco10DN,10SI OR 12SI ALTERNATOR. The home made windmill stuff is OK but not a serious piece of equipment to put on your home.

  13. jaNwik says:

    hey, just read your comments so i hope everything ok at home. could you send information on where to buy my system upgrades. I am going to add another tirbine to my RoofMill since this is working out so well. thanks.

  14. BigBoy says:

    For someone new it’s difficult to understand. This is why the RoofMill Kits are so great. There’s no trial and error and it’s not a big junky science project. This is a top notch professional system.

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