Trading in Turbine System for New HO, My Box is...?

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Trading in Turbine System for New HO, My Box is...?

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>> Hello, I was just reading the email about our trade in of the 700 watt turbine
>> system for the new HO 2.8 kW RoofMill™ Twin Turbine system. Your email says
>> to return the trade-in turbine, packed in it's original packaging. Well, I tossed
>> the boxes that the system all came in.. Now what.

Oh boy, this is a problem because if you read the warranty it states that in order to get warranty service, you have to ship the turbine for repair in it's original protective packaging. Due to its odd shape and weight, it's hard to ship this or store it, without damaging it. I cannot be responsible for damage of the system in shipping. Wind Turbines have to be shipped, packed correctly to protect it.

It also says that in the install manual and documentation to NEVER discard that specially designed box in case it ever has to travel anywhere. The lucky part is, you are likely to never need to ship it anywhere because it should just sit up there working anyway.

So, Here's what we do. I can't give you the trade-in credit until the system gets here in good shape and is all tested for resale. So, KEEP THE BOXES from the new HO RoofMill™ kit, and ship it in one of those boxes, use loose peanuts as filler, don't leave any slack in the box around the parts. That will be good. You will have one box left over to use in case you ever needed to exercise a warranty or repair.

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