Where put Battery Cabinet, no Garage, no Basement?

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Where put Battery Cabinet, no Garage, no Basement?

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>> I don't worry about the computer battery but then I never worried about
>> catching the flu from a pig.... I don't think I want the batteries in the
>> kitchen (I don't have a basement).

There are more expensive batteries that are sealed, thus do not need vented for gassing.  But the cost is very expensive, about 3x golf cart batteries.  We can do a battery closet, well vented and done if you have a spare closet that could be used.

>> Is it ok to have them outside where the temp swings from maybe 10F in
>> the winter to 90f in the summer. And I worry about moisture in the
>> cabinet as the inverter will put out heat inside when
>> it might be cold outside.

Man, it's really not good.  Maybe if we were in the south it would be a better option.  We would basically make a cabinet that was moisture sealed and well insulated.  We would need to add some temperature controls to fan and a heating element.  I can have small fan relays that work by thermostat, a heating element that does same.  Just enough to take the edge off the extremes.

Although this isn't ideal, it is a very worthwhile path to blaze.  If we can succeed at creating an outdoor system, it's going to benefit allot of folks.

Here's a post about the project:
Outdoor Battery Cabinet Project

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