Local Installer Contact for Turbines & Solar Panels

This is the place for all On-Grid or Grid-Tie wind turbine issues and discussions. Customers meet each other, dealers and installers help out with questions.
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Local Installer Contact for Turbines & Solar Panels

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>> We are interested in solar panels but would like to have the installer contact
>> us before we purchase. Can you provide me with the name and number of
>> your Indiana installer? Thank you. Larry

Sure, Sounds Good, I always have the installers go out and make a visit before a purchase.

FIRST: Lets get through the quotation and stuff so we have a project to talk to the installer about. Then we can have the installer look over the house, take measurements and do his installation estimate before you purchase. I sell the hardware, engineering and support and the installer does the boots on the ground labor.

What size system do you want to look at and plan for? I attached a satellite image that we can use to plan with. Can you point me to the correct rooftops and we can get started.
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