How To Figure Out My Electric Needs

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How To Figure Out My Electric Needs

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>> I know we need to do something. Maybe I do not understand totally.
>> For the price this would produce 5,000 watts per day? On a
>> normal day in spring and fall we use 60 kilo watts per day. On
>> a bad day we use over 200 kw. Please assist me in understanding.
>> Jay

Hello Jay, yes you are missing some fine points.

a 5kW system can produce 5kw a second/minute/hour. 5kW or 5000w is the flow the amount of energy at any time flowing. To determine a actual volume we have to put that into a “bucket” or container to have a quantity to purchase, sell, estimate with. We use an HOUR, a kilowatt HOUR.

But you are talking about 60kwH

a kilowatt is 1000 watts, 1kW

a kilowatt HOUR is 1000 watts sustained for an HOUR, our “bucket” to purchase, sell, estimate with. That's what you see on your bill.

the system can produce UP TO 5kWH an HOUR at peak wind/sun

your needs are 60kwH

you would need 12 hours of full out production to do 60kwH, so this system will not do that much, its for a normal average middle class home.

a normal system in Kansas is doing about 5 to 6 full hours a day on average and your site will dictate high and low side of production.

You would need about a 15kW system to do all your power.

another way of estimating with round numbers would be to take your electric bill for 10 years, add that up, and buy a system that fits that budget. Its a fast round method but at today's prices and such it comes out pretty correct and is quick and easy to get your head around.

ANY SIZE will do a good job. So, there’s no requirement to do 100%. If you can only afford to do 20% or 50% of your electric bill or that's what you are comfortable spending now, this system works perfectly WITH YOUR GRID and will use all the green power first and then supplement with grid power. You don't have to buy a bigger system. The investment VS the payback is the same relative to what you can or want to invest.
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