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Can I Have Solar Panel Dealer Leads Now?

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:54 pm
by admin
>> I asked for leads before and you wouldn't do it. Nobody in my
>> area are interested so need leads

Hi Ron,

Leads for what? You aren't a dealer. Of course there are people wanting to buy in your area? I have been piling up leads for over 6 years now. I have some zip codes with several people in a single zip code waiting to see a system and have somebody help them locally. A dealer gets several counties to sell in. Those customers get to see his system in action.


But I think you misunderstand the process of becoming a dealer. Its clearly outlined in the videos. So, you have to watch them and if you aren't willing to buy a system and learn how it installs, and how to use it then there will be no dealership. Its all based on customers who learn all about it and know it works, becoming dealers.

Here's How It Works:

Im not sending out my valuable leads to non-dealers? That would be a terrible idea because you have to have training to sell these systems. You have to own one and know how it installs and operates. You need a system to show people how it works and what it looks like. Then my leads are good as gold to share with a new dealer. We both make money and have fun.

Otherwise I am just splitting profits and still having to do all the work. Makes no sense. I've done that and it sucked. I had people selling that didn’t know how to help anybody or answer any questions for them. It was a nightmare of extra work FOR ME and of no service to me or the new customer.

If you buy a system and become a dealer, sure I will share all the leads in your area to get going.

But these leads are valuable and hard to come by. I have thousands of people on my list waiting for a local dealer to help them. Without a local dealer I will sit on them so I have plenty when somebody becomes a dealer. Or, I will sell to them myself and keep all the profit since Im doing all the work without a locally installed system and a dealer to show them.

Thanks, Sam