Can I Become a Dealer Without Owning A System?

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Can I Become a Dealer Without Owning A System?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:48 pm

>> hey sam how are you. wish i had the money at this time probably
>> in the future. i do have one question for you though do i have to
>> buy one to become a dealer or how does that all work. just was
>> wondering if i could make a little extra doing it to be able to buy
>> my own. let me know thanks.

You can become a dealer through the sale of a system to someone else. If you sell one and handle the communication and let me know that you orchestrated the sale, that works for me. Takes a lot of hustle to do that and anybody that can do that can sell systems.

However I have to say that's rare and hard to do. Until you have a system installed locally that you have taken a part in installing and operating.. with no system to show anybody its hard to sell. I can do it because of my knowledge I can sell remotely because of my HUGE body of work. Its hard for any joe off the street to do that. So, you really need a system to become a dealer and do it on solid footing.

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