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Questions About Battery Bank

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:04 am
by admin
>> I'm looking at the 4.2 kw hybrid system and I have a question about
>> the battery bank. I'm not sure how the battery bank works.

Hi Greg, It is used as storage for energy to help run your home in a power outage, like a computer battery back-up except at a grand scale, same basic function.

>> Are the batteries just there if I was to lose power?

Yes, but they also provide a power conditioning and stabilization for the DC power being generated, smooth it out to be converted. It's very safe and reliable and most are put in the basement or garage area.

>> Do I need to install a battery bank if I have a grid tie system?

This is a grid tied system, with emergency power. This system still runs the meter backward and stores and sells power to the utility company when you can't use it all.

>> Do you have a recommended vendor for the batteries?

Yes, of course. When you purchase a system all that will come with your support emails with specs, directions, sources etc.

Were you going to need help with financing and when were you thinking of installing?