Do I Need To Add Support For Wind/Solar Under The Roof?

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Do I Need To Add Support For Wind/Solar Under The Roof?

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>> Do I Need To Add Support For Wind/Solar Under The Roof?

My garage is 1950 construction. The system reinforces your roof structure with steel, compared to the little weight added, 6 hinged points and 12 lags into truss or rafters, it's roof structure actually going to be stronger with my system on it IMO.

We use 1/4 steel, but slightly flexible as well, you don't have to worry about a thing.

I have had people go in and do some cross bracing and stuff. ?? Whatever makes them comfortable I guess. I am a chronic overbuilder myself. So I understand doing whatever makes you confident and comfortable.

But having done over 100 tested prototypes and seeing this now in the field survive the recent Joplin storm and many hurricanes. It's as solid as your house and then some. You don't need to do a thing besides install it just like the engineers drawing shows and sink those lags right into a joist or rafter, good 2 go.

My roof has nothing extra inside. I have a couple systems on trailer homes which gives me concern but the guys did extra reinforcing with a sort of sub roof structure. I could not guarantee that situation at all. But for a real home in good shape, any age, I don't have any concern. We have some on barns that are about 200 years old and they have done fine.

We cannot vouch for your structure integrity. But if the house survives, the windmill will be on there. It's a very good patented design and is very successful in all environments.

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