Small Wind Turbines to Export from US by Container Load?

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Small Wind Turbines to Export from US by Container Load?

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>> Hi Sam, Thanks for emailing me back so quickly. What we would
>> like to know is the following so we can order container loads of
>> wind generators and solar panels.

>> 1) Aproximately how many units a 20' container will hold?
>> 2) Do you have ability to ship and export to Bolivia?
>> 3) What would be the shipping cost to my site in Bolivia?

>> We have a factory in Bolivia that manufactures batteries so we dont
>> need batteries or cables. Thanks, Robert


Hi Bob,

I am sorry I think I confused you with another buyer who was asking for same pricing. Here's what I can do, pretty simple.

So, please tell me how many units you want and of course I can ship container loads or single skid to Bolivia, or anywhere in the world, no problem. My systems are not cheap, they are the best going and full featured, maximum reliability. So, there's no comparable system, and the mounts are a patented
invention. I can ship you whatever you want in container loads.

These discounts off my retail price set at the site and not with other sale offers we may have. This is per system, so you can do whatever quantity of whatever sizes combinations you may want. Until you have a firm order quantity, here's some round numbers to give an idea of costs and discounts on large orders of wind turbines by container loads.

5 qty = 12%
10 qty = 15%
20 qty = 18%

International Orders:

(1) I only do by wire transfer payment in advance.

(2) I will only ship by my insured carrier.

We can ship by air or sea freight at your cost. The cheapest way will be by container loads right from here to destination. By MIQ I can ship anywhere in the world door to door, or door to closest port. I can do door to door and even air freight almost anywhere in the world if needed.

Please consider that depending on where you may be sending these, general installation supplies like wiring and batteries may not be easy to find. You may want to have me prepare and sell an installation supply kit with the systems if that is the case? batteries are hazardous and I do not want to be responsible to ship batteries. Hopefully can get those there, or order a large qty shipped by a battery supplier. I can connect you if you need a battery source.

Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the contact form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open in most states for new dealers but many counties and a few entire states are taken up and several people are saying they are going to get their territory. So, if you are interested in becoming a dealer fill out the same form and we can see if your area may still be open.

Thanks, Samuel H.
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