Solar For Home?

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Solar For Home?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:12 pm

>> Hi Sam, Sorry I forgot one question. Since I am in Georgia,
>> I saw my wind map shows only a wind zone 1. I read where
>> you stated that a wind zone 2 was "serviceable" and not real
>> strong, but good enough. Well I am in a wind zone 1 and I
>> also have trees everywhere making it worse. Can I buy a
>> solar only system from you. I liked the help and videos, all
>> the time you spent explaining stuff. I feel really comfortable
>> and was hoping you would sell me a solar panel for home
>> system. Thanks, Wayne

Hi Wayne, sure, we sell lots of solar and it's no problem selling you a solar for home system. Please look at the link below and we have solar only kits. It's all the same kind of deal as our hybrid systems where you will get the complete system with all matching components and full support. Our solar panel kits are built with same heavy duty engineering that you expect from WindEnergy7. Have a look at these systems we have configured and give me a call, we can get started. Click this link hrere for pricing.

Solar For Home



Thanks, Samuel H.

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