Which Generator Kit is Best for My Site?

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Which Generator Kit is Best for My Site?

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>> Hello Sam, Thanks for answering my questions. Since you
>> have three different products, how can I best choose what
>> system is best for me and my home? What are the specs of
>> the WallMill™ product compared to rest?

WallMill™ specs are same as the other 1.4kW kits it's just that the WallMill™ mounts to the wall. The WallMill™ has some more flexibility to have a taller mast. Wallmill™ is usually used on prefab concrete buildings, like strip mall, or warehouse construction.

A RoofMill™ is still better for most residential sites that do not have enough acreage for a tower. Also for sites that do not have ideal facing roofs AND no acreage. The RoofMill™ is our best selling system and is preferred for most farm or residential sites.

In an ideal site the RoofMill™, peak ridge of the roof should go perpendicular, or at a right angle, to the predominant wind direction of a site. Thus on most days the wind will come in from the broad side of the roof, using it as a wind concentrator.

Thanks, Samuel H
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