Oklahoma Off-Grid Provides Power in Black Out (pictures)

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Oklahoma Off-Grid Provides Power in Black Out (pictures)

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Pictures: Twin Turbine Rooftop Wind Turbines
Pictures: One Turbine Wind/Solar Hybrid With Tower
Pictures: One Turbine Wind Only Rooftop System

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I got an email today from a new install in Fairview Oklahoma. The user says that Saturday was really heavy winds there in excess of 25mph all day. His new system just went live Wednesday I think. Anyway after all day heavy wind a storm blows in and gusts are going over 40mph. so bad that the town has a black out for 5 hours.

Well, this sytem is an off-grid emergency GREEN CIRCUIT. Thus that circuit has battery, wind, potential solar, and also can take charging from the grid. Our Emergency GREEN CIRCUITS have 4 sources of power making it WAY more reliable than the grid. It's so timely that this system had its chance to prove out in only its 3rd or 4th day of operation.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: April 26, 2009 9:16:19 AM EDT
To: Samuel <turbine@WindEnergy7.com>
Subject: High Winds

Samuel - first success story with my wind turbine.

Fairview, OK - where my sister lives and has the wind turbine installed and running - sustained a storm last night with steady winds before the storm of up to 25 mph, then the storm hit and gusts in excess of 40 mph - the wind turbine sustained no damage and is still running this morning. My sister's house lost power for 5 hours, however, the turbine is set up to run the ice box, the ice box never lost power, everything is still cold, no food items lost.

I figure not too bad of a story to start out with. While the rest of the house lost electricity, the ice box continued running. If that's not a reason to have electricity from a seperate source from a utility grid, I don't know what is.

Shawn Houk




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