What do WindEnergy7 Repeat Customer's Say?

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What do WindEnergy7 Repeat Customer's Say?

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>> Sam, how well do your customers like their systems after
>> a year or two of use going through both summer and winter
>> and a dozen or so electric bill cycles.

John, One of the best compliments a customer can give a business is repeat sales. That means the product works and the business met expectations. I think the best testimonial you can get from a customer is a referral to do a system for a family member, especially a father in law. This time of year I do many upgrades for my existing customers who know it works and are upgrading on a sure thing.

One customer here in Ohio told me last week he had calculated 89 months on his original 13kW kit. Videos of his install are on my site. I was at his place installing a 3kW upgrade at his barn, he said his ROI now looks to be trending under 80 months. You can see his 5 turbine 30 panel system at my home page that we installed last year. He just upgraded from 12kW to 15kW after seeing the system produce after one year.

Another customer here in Ohio up north I installed an upgrade for last week. He has had a system for about 3 years now. He also went up to 9kW to 11kW, to 13kW and now to 15kW. So, this was his third upgrade. He has added a electric car Nissan Leaf to drive to work. So his wind/solar system now starting to knock out his gasoline bill as well as his electric bill. He had referred me his father in law over a year go and I put in a larger system for him that he is happy with too.

A third customer I am doing a quote for tonight. He put a 10kW solar system on his barn over a year ago. He had room for 20kW but waited to see if the 10kW would perform to his liking. It did, so now just over a year later we are quoting to do the other half of his barn giving him 20kW of solar power. He is probably upgrading because he can take that 30% TAX CREDIT again on his upgrade and get it right after the end of the year.

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