Home Wind Turbine Dealer Greece, Solar Panels Greece?

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Home Wind Turbine Dealer Greece, Solar Panels Greece?

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>> From what I realized if we become your distributor in Greece we would get
>> the commission for every sale made in our region. Is this correct ?

Hi Konstantinos, Yes, This is correct. Territory is granted by an agreement, and the dealer is free to sell and work with our website on orders. We are not competing but working that area together. Anything that ships INTO the territory is the dealers commission and he gets the contact info so that he can do most of the support and assist the customer with installation help.


Any local dealings with the customer on installations and local support is all completely between the dealer and the customer. That can also result in more revenue to the dealer. But WindEnergy7 does not get in the middle of that part of your business. WindEnergy7 just does the transaction, sells, ships, and does high level support if there's a dealer there locally.

Step 1: See The Dealer Videos. http://windenergy7.com/turbines/tag/bec ... -dealer-1/

Step 2: Purchase a Demo Unit. http://windenergy7.com/home-wind/turbin ... t=1&shop=1

Step 3: Begin Installing and Training With Your Demo Unit

Step 4: When Installed and Running, You are Ready to Sign a Dealer Agreement and Sell Home Wind Turbines and Solar Electric Systems.

If you sell a system before your training and installing period is complete, I will help you support it and commission that sale to you even though you don't have the dealer agreement. Many customers have sold systems before their agreement was in place, but they had already made a purchase and began training and installing their demo unit.

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