Wiring for New Green Home, Planning Wind/Solar

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Wiring for New Green Home, Planning Wind/Solar

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:36 pm

>> Hello, I am planning a new home construction and wanted to
>> know what are your recommendations for the wiring and
>> electrical systems overall. You can be brief and general if
>> you like because I just want to know a little that I can talk
>> about with the architect.

First thing is that everywhere that you can, spend extra money upgrading the guage of all your wiring. 6% of the electricity in a home is lost in resistance travelling through wiring. You can upgrade that to a 2% loss and basically upsize every run in the home. Over 30 years or so, it's a good investment. If you can't afford that, then atleast do it to the main users like, water pump, water heater, stove, kitchen, clothes dryer, etc. Atleast do it on the heaviest used circuits.

Next thing would be to not use anything but screw in lighting. Plan for CFL (compact flourescent) to start with and thus a migration to screw in LED (light emitting diode) later as the technology matures and cost of bulbs comes down. Don't use any tube flourescents bcause those fixtures have a built in ballast and are just not as suitable to a move to LED later. LED will be really big soon, you want to plan for that with all lighting inside and out.

Subpanel for emergency power. I would go ahead and have the system setup with a main panel and subpanel. Put all your emergency/critical loads on the subpanel and that will make your home very ready to wire the green power system right in. That's where the WindEnergy7 Grid-Tie wind/solar hybrid will tie in, right between the main panel and the subpanel.

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