Green Box - Green Circuit Wiring

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Green Box - Green Circuit Wiring

Postby clayhill » Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:57 pm

Hello Sam, I'm installing my Green Box which is a 220 volt box and I know I'm only feeding in 120 volts. Do use a jumper at the top terminals to feed both strips 120 and then just use 15 amp breakers on the strips???

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Green Circuit, 120v Subpanel Wiring wind/solar

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:34 pm

That's an electrician job to me. I let my electrician do that part and supply the hardware for it. There are ways to wire a 240v panel and use as a 120v subpanel but to me it's an overkill on the panel hardware. One way I saw only used one side of the larger panel, another I saw was wired in a way that every other breaker gets used? But a whole house load center is not really appropriate for this green circuit subpanel or breaker box.

For larger systems and Grid-Tie what is usually used is about a 2 to 4 space 60 to 80 amp load center. At most, one that can take about 4 to 6 circuit breakers would be plenty of room for growth. Here's a link to one about like I am used to seeing used for our largest systems. See if you are looking to make that much power you would gop with a grid-tie and the excess would go to the main panel. ... odNo=41176 ... 07096.aspx

But I would not put anything over 60 amps in there as it would be way overkill. I would advise anyone to let the electrician choose and supply the hardware for this and simply tell him you are wanting a 60 amp subpanel load center that can hold up to 4 spaces. That will be ready to go whole-house larger system or use with the smaller off-grid and start up systems we sell. For the smaller Off-Grid system you would

At the highest end system we sell, the grid-tie, which you can upgrade to at any time, the inverter will push excess generation up into the main panel at 120v through one leg where it is connected to a circuit breaker in the main panel. All the largest loads, like 220v clothes dryer, electric range etc etc, all stay tied to the main panel which will not go on the green circuit, sub panel. If your goals are to put in or upgrade to a whole house system, the 4 breaker 60 amp load center is appropriate.

At the minimal end all you need is a small 30 amp load center that will support 1 or 2 breakers for your green circuit sub panel. Many systems that are smaller single turbine systems just have a single breaker and that's appropriate for the small beginner kits. If that ever goes up to a multi-turbine system or whole house system grid-tied, that can always be upgraded then.

WE7 Off-Grid Systems:

AC INPUT: if you have utility power, input from panel is a 30 amp breaker from your main panel utility power. The inverter specs say 24 amps is its maximum AC input. Many are using a 30 amp breaker for the input to the inverter 120v AC in.

AC OUTPUT: 120v 60hz, 40 amp circuuit to support a continuous potential of 20 amps at 120v AC 60hz. The inverter can hit up to 4800 watts of peak output burst to handle motor starts etc. But, the inverter's rated standard output is 2400 watts. So, here I recommend a 40 amp load center with 2 spaces, circuits. Putting more hardware there is really not adviseable IMO. On Off-Grid this green circuit is really meant to be just that, a properly loaded circuit, or maybe 2 if properly loaded.

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