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Roof Turbines for Business, Industrial, 14 Turbines!

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:18 pm

Architectural firms, building suppliers, and electrical suppliers are among the most recent wave of new dealers coming onboard to deal roof turbine systems by WindEnergy7. Last month, two large successful companies came onboard. Below, is a story of the sort of projects starting to open up to WindEnergy7 dealers. To see WindEnergy7 Systems look at the Wind Turbine Buyer's Guide

In St Louis MO, a $3 million rehab project. The three-story building at the corner of Skinker and Delmar boulevards owned by Washington University is now being remodeled and is expected to finish by August 14.

The 16 apartments on the top two floors will be inhabited by students. One of the visible features being added to the building are the 6-foot vertical wind turbines on the roof. They will help power the building and also be a unique sight on the Delmar loop.

However, the appearance of the turbines won't be as elaborate as they had originally considered. When the project was first brought up before the St. Louis Preservation board, the architect said 14 rooftop turbines would work within a decorative framework.

The university's director of capital projects, Steve Rackers, and the project's manager, Mike Benoist said today only 7 turbines will be on the rooftop facing Delmar blvd. The maker of the turbines concluded crowding the rooftop with 14 turbines would slow down their operation. The framework is also out of the project because it would block too much wind.

Approval from the Preservation Board was needed because adding the turbines will change the roofline on the university's building, which is within the Skinker-Debalievere Historic District. Also adding to the buildings new, unique appearance is night-time lighting on the turbines.

Had the project coordinators used turbines from WindEnergy7 they could have had use 14 or more units and done the project for almost 1/2 the cost. That's because of the sleek profile and effective patent pending roof turbine systems that WindEnergy7 has invented. Since the innovations are exclusive technology, other systems and manufacturers are forced to do their systems in a less efficient way, thus raising cost and causing interference. That means less turbines a project can afford, less turbines you can fit on a roof.

WindEnergy7 LLC also has the best wind/solar hybrid technology, making systems that are more consistent charging year round and more stable as a power source. If you are a Architect, Electrical Supplier, or Contractor who wants to represent WindEnergy7 in your area, fill out our contact form and get involved today. Contact Us!

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