Home Turbine Output?

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Home Turbine Output?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:51 am

>> I am getting more and more interested in your systems. The problem
>> I seem to be having is figuring out how to translate the watt
>> information into watt per hour. For example: the turbine is rated
>> at 700W. For ease of translation lets assume it operates at 100%
>> output all the time. Is going to produce 700W in an hour, in a
>> day, in a month?

per second, minute, month, that is it's output at rated wind speed.  Actually it's max is about 890 watts.  I rate it conservatively at 700. Home Turbine Output So, that's .7 kwH per hour running at rated speed. The Federal tax credits use the 890 watt number because the form specifically asks capacity, not rating.

>> Or better yet, if I l look at my power bill from last month -- I used
>> 380kWH purchased at $ .55. How would I compute what effect this
>> 700W turbine, hypotheticly again running 100%, will reduce my
>> electric usage or ultimately my bill, and how would I figure a
>> rate of return against the purchase price if everything pricewise
>> were to remain the same going forward year after year.

Sir, if you are paying .55, this unit will pay for itself in two to three years, conservatively.  That is an insne energy cost...  Average of my customers is .11 and only guy paying .55 is in Hawaii... WOW.  With his high wind his unit pays off in about a year...

Illinois Wind Maps All Wind Maps

>> I understand that the turbine won't run 100% all the time and the price
>> of electricity will go up. I'm mainly looking for some kind of formula
>> or step by step figuring that I can plug numbers into and get meaningful,
>> understandable figures that I could show a potential layperson customer
>> that just wants facts and figures.
>> Thank you in advance for your time.

The unit should do about 200 kwh a month in a zone 2 wind with a good site.  at .55 this unit (should) net about $110 a month.  The 1700 wind/solar grid tie would handle your whole house.  That system has a free solar panel upgrade right now that, instead of 2 700 watt turbines and 4 solar panels at 300 watts, the bigger panels are 468 watts and I have several left.  So, this kit today is 1868 watts because of the free solar upgrade right now.  That's 11,590 plus your install cost and you will pretty much zero your electric out.

In your community, at .55, you should be able to sell the crap out of these systems if you are interested.  The high cost of power makes that area a HOT territory.  You are paying 5x the national average easily.  OMG.  This is a great opportunity with that hig energy cost, this like shooting fish in a barrel.  Home Turbine Buyer's Guide

I have a dealer in Macomb Illinois who has an off grid system.  He's now putting up another unit in town for display and is really knowledgeable about the systems.  I make you an overnight expert through the install and support process.

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