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Where are Details about Battery Cabinet etc.?

Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 3:34 pm
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
>> I have bought the wind/solar hybrid system. It's the 2 turbine
>> with 4 solar panels, and the promotional heavy duty panels
>> that were in that upgrade promotion. So, it's technically
>> the 1880 watt system. Where do I look for the battery cabinet
>> diagram so I can begin getting ready? I'm going with 12 battery
>> system to make peaks and valleys of production smoother.

Hi Greg, Here's a pdf of the battery cabinet from the newest manual draft.  It explains the components and such pretty well. Yes, with that system you will make more juice sometimes than an 8 battery bank will store. So, you want to put a staedy load and a larger battery bank, like 12 batteries and be sure and put the refrigerator and maybe some outdoor lighting on the GREEN CIRCUIT so you have continual load. ... al_002.pdf

I can tell you without question that after you put in this wind/solar system that it will be the most advanced green energy system in your state. That's cool. This is a 240 watt solar that comes in place of the normal 150 watt.  It's a really nice upgraded set of panels at same normal price.  Was testing these panels out Sunday and were still charging after sundown pulling power from the sunset till damn near completely dark.  These make the wind/solar kit a 940watt rather than an 850 watt and were a very good deal.