GREEN CIRCUIT wiring, Distance From Turbine 2 house?

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GREEN CIRCUIT wiring, Distance From Turbine 2 house?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sat May 23, 2009 3:13 pm

>> I am envisioning running the circuit from the cabinet with the inverter
>> thru the house to provide the "green circuit" for a portion of the
>> house. Is distance an issue between the turbine \ solar
>> panel and the battery cabinet.

Not really, it just means you have to run more heavy wire to carry the distances.  If it's a long way, it's best to have batteries closer to turbine and panels, make long run in 120v.  See, higher voltage requires smaller wire to carry current.  So, a long run at 24v requires about 3 to 4x the thickness of copper to do same run at 120v.  This one reason why the grid runs 400 kV, 700 MW circuit: 1 kA.  That's 400,000 volts... Cool huh?

I'm not an electrician, but I have become an avid watt watcher and I find all this electrical stuff to be pretty fun to learn about.  It's such a big part of our lives, lifeblood of so much we need to operate.  This, like computer programming, webmastering, one of the many things I got heavily into to teach myself for fun.  I have taught myself so many things reading and working hard at trying, doing, things that I find interesting.  I'm sort of a mad scientist they say.

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