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Wind Turbine Charge Controller and Inverter?

Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 3:01 pm
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
>> I was just reading about voltages and batteries in the forum. And have a
>> better understanding now. Where is a list of the specs for the system. I
>> found the turbine specs but not the rest. I assume we use a voltage
>> regulator (manager) and what type of inverter?

Hello, Well, the system comes with turbine controller, it is the charge controller to limit overcharging.  It also controls the mix of wind and solar power, and it controls the electromagnetic braking in high winds to protect the turbine from overspeed.  The inverter is very, very beefy with all the safety features of High/Low voltage shut offs and actually goes up to 4800 watts in peak load.  We put allot in the inverter.  That inverter is heavy enough to take 3 turbines and 6 solar panels.  So, we think it's important that we lay that capacity into a start-up system.  It is planned that any customer will want to expand as soon as it's all up and going well.

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The solar panels and turbine go directly into the charge controller/turbine controller.  That comes with the turbine kit.  Inverter comes seperately in it's own box.  Reason we don't just sell turbines is because it's so important that people use heavy duty stuff, solid state, safe.