Wind/Solar Hybrid Kits, How Much Power For Solar?

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Wind/Solar Hybrid Kits, How Much Power For Solar?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:34 am

>> I could locate the solar panel in full sun, no obstruction
>> facing south, would that add to the 200-250 per month KW?
>> Is $2990 including installation?

Yes, solar will add to your annual output of course, it doesn't hit real hard but is real consistant to help get through low wind conditions. Your battery bank and solar are used to buffer through lower wind periods and trim the production. Solar will add to your monthly yields, but it's the timing and synergy of solar, opposite windpower that makes it work so well together. Siting and your wind and solar resources will determine the true output and i am just throwing out an educated guess here based on what I have seen.

You might look at this post:
Final Pre-Sale Questions for Customer/Dealer

Our single turbine rooftop kits are the smallest kits we have, it's the 1.4kW, 1400 watt turbine with solar, inverter, controllers, hardware, heavy duty american steel hardware. Although it can be upgraded to a 2 or 3 turbine kit later, it's a single turbine starter kit for your home. Buy Home Wind Turbine

Most kits and systems are listed here with a few exceptions, if you want a larger system or toer system it's a custom quote and consult.

All of our kits come with our patent pending roof mount that no-one else has. So, don't compare these systems to the vibrating wobbly and noisy systems that other people may put on a roof. Our systems are also superior in almost every way and there's not a comprable system out there because of all the inventions and innovations we have developed in home wind/solar systems.

Pictures of New Install Wind?solar Hybrid Tower

You can Become the Local Home Wind/Solar Dealer We are now present in over 21 states and three countries with our owner/dealer group. All you need to do to be qualified to be a dealer is to become an owner, go through install and operation of your system, then sign an agreement for up to 5 counties of territory. Become Home Wind Turbine Dealer

See New Home Wind Turbine Videos

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Wind Maps For Your Area

Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the Contact Form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open for new dealers but county territories and entire states are being established now, a few states completely established. So, if you are interested in Becoming a Customer/Dealer fill out the same Contact Form and we can see if your area may still be open.

We have a growing dealer network of individuals who use our products and an installed base stretching from Hawaii to New Jersey, Canada, and Europe. When customers find our kits to be easy to build and understand, many find it easy to Become Customer/Dealers. They are able to do this with no further investment and they see how interested people are to buy a system.

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