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Is My Area Taken, Or Can I Be the Solar Dealer?

Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:38 pm
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
>> Hello, Sam, I was curious to know if you already have a dealer and/or licensed installer
>> on your team for my area I was desperately trying to lay claim on? Yes, I am still
>> interested, YES I want to be your go-to guy in this area, and yes I an still interested
>> in an install myself. I have had a few personal setbacks, funerals, so it pushed my
>> plan further back. Nonetheless, I intend to go forward with my idea, goal as soon as
>> humanly possible. But I would like to know if someone took my plan and ran with
>> it first? Thank you, Sir enjoy your weekend. Thanks, Johnny

Hi Johnny, I have an installer guy and he is trying to become a dealer soon in your area. Until he buys his demo system, then the area is still open. I am still selling systems directly myself where there’s no dealer. How soon were you planning to go ahead?