How To Install RoofMill and Solar panels Kit on Slate Roof?

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How To Install RoofMill and Solar panels Kit on Slate Roof?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:35 am

>> Hi: I would like to see, if my house is suitable for a mill power
>> system, because my house located in XXX XXXX street quincy
>> ma 02170, with slate roof. Also i would like to know how much
>> it will cost if i want to purchase the 50k systems by finance,
>> and how is the fiance team work.

Sure, Slate Roof is possible but requires the mounting and installation be done by a roofing company. Like a tickle roof its just that it requires proper and careful treatment and the tricks of that trade. A roofer that knows his stuff can pull it off in a way that will not be a problem. In most cases they use a lead, aluminum, or plastic look alike piece in place of the slate or tile pieces.

However, we also will look at other options on your property to install on pole, ground, or awning mounted that may be more viable. Lets have a look at the satellite image and plan the installation accordingly. THX SAM

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