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Can I Get Drawings and Configuration Specs and Docs?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:29 am
by Rooftop Wind Turbine
>> Can I get a drawing or specs for the windmill & battery parts? I have
>> an installers set up and I have submittied my request to augment my
>> PV from our electric company. Once I get that, I will know what is the
>> biggest system I can buy. I am hoping for the 3 windmill set. I was
>> looking in the forums about the specifications or sketches, but I
>> didn't find any. Can you point me to a web site of send me a
>> PDF email please? Thanks.

Hi Paul,

All the proper engineering docs come with a purchase. But I don’t publish my valuable engineering as sales material. Because of my large body of work and reputation I am able to sell just fine without exposing all my methods and innovations. I sell complete engineered solutions, kits, systems. So, whatever I sell.. it permits, works, lasts. But I never give away my engineering in a pre-sale situation because that work took many, many years to perfect.

All my customers, dealers, and installers sign an NDA and i protect all my hard earned design and engineering work very carefully.

When it comes to utilities and permitting authorities I submit proper docs for you, directly from me to them. I help all customers get through permitting when the time comes. I have to, most customers can’t navigate all that properly without help and its easier for me to do it for the customer.

The size system you can install is rarely an arbitrary thing. I can help determine that for you and it takes a VERY, VERY, large system, larger than any residential.. to be rejected by a utility company.

Thanks, Sam