Become Solar Dealer without Purchase, by Selling Solar Panel

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Become Solar Dealer without Purchase, by Selling Solar Panel

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:12 pm

>> You know, these systems would be a asset to my business. I have
>> a home repair and small remodel business, so to add this would be
>> a beneifit to what I do. The problem is that you want me buy one
>> of your systems for myself. Right now is not a good time for me,
>> although I can see the beneifit of having one. I would consider
>> being a dealer/installer if I could help WindEnergy7 sell a system
>> to one of my customers. The use their Solar panel Kit to demo and
>> sell with till I can afford my own? Let me know what you think.

Hi Rocky,

I have had a couple of people help me and coordinate and register a lead, help me sell a Solar Panel Kit or wind turbine kit to a customer or friend, then become a dealer through that. Just email me first, coordinating so you definitely clarify that lead as yours and that you are wanting to become a dealer THROUGH the sale you helped make.

Works for me as long as the system can be shown a bit as a demo system. Risk is that I cannot commit to the territory and dealership until a unit is sold. There's always a chance of someone beting you to it before you can close such a deal. But it's worth a try if you want to be the local dealer.

Thanks, Samuel


Anyone wanting a small wind turbine, fill out the contact form and I can connect you with the dealer for your area. There are still areas open in most states for new dealers but many counties and a few entire states are taken up and several people are saying they are going to get their territory. So, if you are interested in becoming a dealer fill out the same form and we can see if your area may still be open.

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