Wind Solar Battery Bank & Cabinet, How/Where?

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Wind Solar Battery Bank & Cabinet, How/Where?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:41 am

>> Where do I get that wind solar battery cabinet like you are using and where
>> should I source my batteries? Also, you had said that I should reinforce the
>> battery shelves, any input on how you did yours would be helpful.

Hi Jason, Supplies starting to ship this week to you. You will be getting tracking emails on that.

First thing you need to source locally will be the battery bank, cabling, vent, and cabinet. Here's plenty of stuff here for you to read and digest.

This is tennesco, it's a standard brand that (may) be found cheaper elswhere.

Thing is about standardizing the components is we will be able to build and support better systems as we go. It may cost a few more bucks, like the batteries, but it's your call.

You will need to cut a hole in top and put a dryer vent in that goes to the outside for battery ventilation. May want to re-inforce the shelves a bit, it's 150lb rated and 4 batteries should exceed that.

Here's some videos about battery selection, wiring, and so forth. First two may be a bit redundant but you should watch them all. This is a good example of the training videos and support that I put out to help you through installation and training process. ... Fg7HvrX6M/ ... u-T1c-OXs/ ... N0KGkRqWo/ ... NKqqmseJE/ ... 1gJBF2iDs/

Here's some links of stuff about battery banks and so forth. Your closest wiring diagram in the manual is the one showing three turbines. I think it's page 8 or 9. Please be aware that first drawing in the manual is an older off-grid diagram, but it's still pretty good for battery, just inverter and all is
not what you will have, yours is Grid-Tie 3 turbine like later one in the manual.

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