I Just Want Wind Turbines, Solar Is Cheap..

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I Just Want Wind Turbines, Solar Is Cheap..

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:38 am

>> The reason why I only wanted wind turbines as the solar units
>> are quite inexpensive and cheap

Hi Michael,

Its not just solar units and price that are important. It’s the Opti-Volt7™, RoofMill™ and Towermill™ brand Solar or Hybrid Wind system and how it integrates and works together AS A SOLUTION. It’s quality, function, and design that sets these WindEnergy7 systems in a class by themselves. There’s a HUGE difference in quality of solar out there and there’s nothing cheap about my solar in these systems is not the cheap stuff. Every single part is the best made, longest lasting, highest quality in the market. My systems do many things that no competing solar or wind systems offer. Its because I am an inventor and an innovator, not just a parts seller.


Of course prices have come down on solar. And that's why my systems have continually gotten more powerful. I'm not dropping prices of systems, rather I roll more performance into system value. Of course its topping out now on price/performance and solar is actually going back up in 2014 the highest quality modules are now going up in price in the US.

Don’t think that my systems are not a good value. If you think that theres something comparable then be sure you are looking at Quality, Design, and Function. That is the big difference is that on those there really is no comparable system. And as solar gets better priced I am putting more solar in my kits for the price point. Today's kits have more solar power than kits of only 90 days ago.


But its the SYSTEM, FUNCTION, and DESIGN that sets my Opti-Volt7™, RoofMill™ and Towermill™ systems apart from anyone else. I have better design, function, value, and harvest than anyone else. That’s why I have a larger body of work and so many competitors have gone out of business while my company keeps growing year after year with customers, dealers, and installers spanning from Hawaii to Massachsetts and Florida to Alaska. There's a reason I have a larger body of work in this market.


Most people are unaware that solar prices are actually going up this year for the higher quality solar modules. The US is imposing anti-dumping laws to make it harder for the low quality manufacturers to dump junk panels into the market. After about 6 years of rapid price deflation solar is now bottoming out pretty well in 2014 and going back up a bit. People that just sell parts and not systems will sell you anything to turn a quick buck because that's their business. Hundreds of those companies have gone out of business in the last few years while I'm growing and earning one customer after another powering the US one home at a time. I would love to power your home and run your meter backwards too.

Thanks, Samuel

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