Why Are There Not More Options? Home Wind Turbine

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Why Are There Not More Options? Home Wind Turbine

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:32 am

>> I have read and researched so much recently about home wind
>> turbines. I must say there is no other system that compares to
>> what you are doing and I admire the systems you have. I learned
>> a bunch reading from your emails and forum here.

>> So, now I am ready to buy. But you don't have the systems with
>> the options that I want.. or don't want. Like a battery bank, I want
>> a system without a battery bank. I don't want any solar either,
>> just a wind system. I can't find where to buy that.

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your interest. Please bear with me and don't take offense to my blunt answer. As you say, you are learning and have learned "a bunch" reading my site and being on my list. Then, in your same message, you say you don't want a battery bank, or any hybrid solar support in your system.

This tells me you have been reading and learning elsewhere... And that you have taken some ignorance of other people into your ideas for your own system. BE CAREFUL. No solar, and no battery, are both BAD IDEAS for your system, thus NO, I will not sell that on my site.


I actually use my own systems. I actually assist my customers and care to make sure their systems work and do well. So, NO, I will not sell a system without a battery bank, and I will not sell a system without solar hybrid support as well. That would mean I was selling a system that was inferior and less than ideal. My whole business model is around best oractice, best technology, best results. Thus all my systems reflect that and I am not going to sell something that I would know was not a good way to go for my customer.

These are many, many reasons why any home wind or solar system SHOULD have a battery bank. That's why we won't even sell them without it. Why sell systems that are not complete, not the best way to go. It's important to remember that our systems were initially all invented, designed, and installed on the founder's home. I use everything I am selling, every day. I have used every type system that I have sold. I use and support them every day 24/7/365

The system you buy from WindEnergy7 LLC is the best system that could be designed for our own use, then, we started selling to others. That same excellent full featured system from our roof to yours. We don't sell all kinds of stuff that we would not use ourself. Other companies are selling stuff without even knowing how it works or caring enough to make sure you buy the right stuff or that it works for you.

When you call us, we know exactly what's going on, we have same stuff right here, use it every day. Since I won't use a system with no battery bank, I won't sell you one either. Because I know it's not the best way to go with a system. Like solar, I won't have a wind only system, so I won't sell you one either.

Have I run one with no battery or solar? Of course. That's why I know this is a bad way to go. With all our systems comes the engineering, testing, experience, and support. If you are looking to experiment and learn hard lessons yourself, WindEnergy7 is the wrong system, wrong company.

You will need to seek another source if you wabt to try things that don't work and buy systems that are experimental. WindEnergy7 is only selling best systems, based on best practice, coming with best support possible.

My advice would be, buy WindEnergy7 LLC HO hybrid systems. Don't spin your wheels playing with experiments and hard lessons, just go with what we are recommending for you.

Spend your time and effort showing, selling that system. Spend your time and effort learning to build that local wind turbine dealership and perfecting your installation service. This will make you the most money possible and be the most fun. Good Luck.

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