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Installing Wind Turbine, California, What Do I Need?

Postby Rooftop Wind Turbine » Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:45 am

>> Would it be possible to get my system batteries from you. I called
>> an interstate dealer here in town and he was wanting $158 for the
>> 6V Deep cycle battery. I'll probably go with 4 now, and then add
>> more later on.

I will see about the batteries. Here in Columbus OH and many other local dealer areas, we get the 6v Golf Cart batteries at Sam's for less than $80. Compare specs and such to interstate U2200. That may be an easy option for you. The specs are pretty close. Shipping batteries is not cost effective as you can imagine. I recommend 8 batteries and have seen many installs now that cut corners to get 4 and wound up upgrading to 8 batteries soon after. Do what you can, but 8 will be a better decision since you have the 2 turbine 2.8kW wind/solar kit.

Your battery cabinet and inverter can actually be completely installed before the turbine and solar. Focus first on the cabinet, inverter, and green circuit sub panel as a phase 1. It can run as a battery bank with an, inverter/charger alone. Then if you look at the battery cabinet diagram, you see the charge controller and turbine can simply be added as phase 2 when the mount gets there.

Or, you can wait till you have it all in hand to get started. I have seen it go either way, may be easier to do your first system in 2 stages like that.

You will need..

Metal Cabinet, battery cabling, batteries, dryer vent kit, then your wiring to the turbine from cabinet, your wiring for inveter to the new green circuit etc. Maybe some hardware to mount the charge controller into the cabinet back wall, some tools etc. I think that's it. You may look at getting a cheap battery disconnect like we have shown in other posts here.

Roofmount kit and turbine kit have all nuts, bolts, lag screws, etc. So, you won't need anything but tools and elbow grease for that part of it.

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